In case you haven’t noticed there are two styles gaining popularity: wigs and wash and go’s. At NaturallyCurly we are all about the wash and go. As long as our hair is moisturized and strong, we have no qualms about shrinkage and frizz. Don’t get us wrong, we love our Bantus, twists, and roller sets, but the wash and go is taking over! 2015 is the year of convenience! If you have been gawking at your Instagram feed full of wash and go curlies and coilies wondering how they mastered that style, now is the time to learn! On the other hand, if you have everything figured out and you're a wash and go queen, come impart your knowledge on fellow curlies and win free products. We know you like free products. Three winners will receive a $25 Walgreens gift cards and select New and Improved Motions products at Walgreens!  

Join us as we chat about all thing wash and go. We’re posing your biggest questions and concerns about dryness, tangles, overnight maintenance, and more!


12pm EST on March 11


On Twitter! Charge your phones before your lunch break and follow @NaturallyCurly on Twitter.


We will be discussing wash and go styling and maintenance. Is it only for a certain curl pattern? Is there a “right way” to do it? What about second-day hair? 

How to take part

Join the conversation by following the hash tag #MotionsWashDay on Twitter. You must have a Twitter account to do this. There are websites that make taking part in a Twitter party really easy, like Tchat.io and TweetGrid.

Please note

This is not a real life party, it's a Twitter Party! No need to take off work or even roll out of your bed.

What are some of your wash and go questions you want covered at the party?

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