A University College London study has identified a gene that is responsible for your head full of curls and the type of curl pattern it possesses.

Dr. Kaustubh Adhikari of University College London’s cell and developmental biology department has found that the gene PRSS53--also known as trichohyalin--influences hair curliness, and a completely different gene, EDAR, is in charge of its thickness and shape.

They found this by analyzing 6,357 people whose backgrounds varied across Latin America, such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and Peru. From among that group, 48% were of varied European descent, 46% of Native American descent, and 6% of African descent.

Like people, curls come in all shapes & sizes

Just like the uniqueness in humans, human hair comes in all shapes, textures, and colors, and if your head is crowned with curls, you are part of the 15% of mixed European descendants who possess this autosomal dominant trait.

Among those with African descent, straight here is merely absent from sub-Saharan Africa, therefore, you were more than bound to get gifted with curls.

Besides giving us more background on our genetics, these findings are useful in forensics and allowing scientists to identify the genetic makeup of all individuals, including those from Latin America and East Asia. It could also assist with hair altering treatment developments for those who wish to change their hair texture.

Pictured: NaturallyCurly contributor and blogger, Just Curly