![1-atx]20 Things You Didnt Know About NaturallyCurly

After 20 years in both the media and natural hair industries, we hope our brand is strong enough that our audience recognizes our commitment to empowering and connecting women all over the world. Whether that commitment consists of encouraging women to wear their hair in natural styles, educating the public on the natural hair movement, representing women of all sizes, hair types, and gender identification within the natural hair movement, or empowering women to pursue their own companies and passions, it has always been our number one priority to support and uplift.
In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, we are sharing a little bit more about ourselves with the community that helped us stay around (YOU”>! Let us know in the comments which of these you didn’t know, and check out the video at the end of this article for more in-depth answers with Grace and Nikki!

![6-TOTR]20 Things You Didnt Know About NaturallyCurly

1. We’re based in Austin, Texas
2. Only 20(ish”> people work here
3. We have endless products and are constantly receiving more weekly
4. We shoot and edit every video you see
5. Evelyn no longer works here SO STOP ASKING
6. We host Texture On the Runway every year during New York Fashion Week
7. We consult up-and-coming brands
8. We have a shop called [SHOPNaturallyCurly](http://shop.naturallycurly.com/”> where you can buy hundreds of curly hair essentials, our founders book, read reviews on products, and more!
9. We have a book! Our founder Michelle wrote the best curly girl book around, and it features all your fave influencers, stylists, and us!
10. We have a forum called [CurlTalk](https://curltalk.naturallycurly.com/”> where you can chat with other curly girls, getting and giving great advice
11. With a couple of delightful exceptions, our office is mostly female
12. We take tequila shots when we celebrate wins
13. We’re zen and have diffusers placed around the office for when we get stressed
14. Cool perks include working from home, meeting brand owners, traveling to events like Afropunk, our co-workers are all friends, so many free products, and more
15. When we take breaks we like to go on walks
16. We do our hair at work (and often our makeup”>
17. We donate unused products to women and children in need
18. Many team members have side hustles and community passion projects
19. Our logo has changed a few times
20. We were founded by two newspaper journalists

![20-cofounders]20 Things You Didnt Know About NaturallyCurly

If that didn’t satiate your endless curiosity about NaturallyCurly, watch the video below and follow us on social, where we spill secrets all the time!