We posted this photo on Instagram a few weeks ago and we had hundreds of comments asking for a French braid tutorial, so we listened! We also have an IGTV video that goes up today that explains these same steps in visual form, so make sure to watch that too!

How to French Braid Curly Hair

**While there are many ways to braid hair, this is the way I personally find to be the easiest on my hair type.
My mom used to braid my hair all the time when I was younger because it was the easiest way to wear my hair while I played Spice Girls at recess or tried to chase boys on the playground without looking like a frizzy mess at the end of the day. The only problem though, is that I never held still long enough for my mom to actually teach me how to French braid my own hair. Since I had watched my mom perfect French, Dutch, and and fishtail braids in my hair hundreds of times over the years, I had convinced myself that I would be able to teach myself. I already knew how to do a regular braid, so how hard could it be?

How to French Braid Curly Hair

Now, if I can teach myself how to French braid on an airplane trip when I was 9 years old, based on trying to remember the movements of my mother’s hands.. you can learn from this tutorial. I promise.
I recommend learning on someone else’s hair before trying on your own hair, so this guide will teach you how to do two French braids on someone else’s hair. 

### Tips before you start

  • Start with the basic 3 piece braid 
  • The forefinger and thumb are your guiding fingers 
  • Detangled hair will make it MUCH easier
  • If loose pieces fall out, just re-tuck them into the braid and pull tight.
  • Practice makes perfect, it’s okay if your first try isn’t very good, no ones is!

### Let’s get started

1. Part the hair evenly down the middle with a comb and clip or tie the hair you are not working with to keep it separated.

How to French Braid Curly Hair

2. Section one side of the hair and create 3 equal portions to begin a normal braid by crossing the outer portion over the middle and into the center.

3. Before every cross, add a small piece of the main hair section to the smaller section of hair that is being taken over to the middle.

How to French Braid Curly Hair

  • Make sure you are pulling each piece tight (you’ll get better with practice!”>
  • Use your free fingers to ensure that the sections remain separate.

4. Continue this process until you reach the nape of the neck or the main section of the hair has all been used within the braid.

How to French Braid Curly Hair

5. Once the braid is complete and lifts off the head, you can continue with the basic braid until you reach the end of the hair, and hold the braid together with a tie. 

How to French Braid Curly Hair

And that’s it! You have now mastered the French braid. Now you just have to practice, practice, practice.

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