NaturallyCurly Turns 20

Long before YouTube tutorials, Instagram influencers, and vloggers, NaturallyCurly lead the revolution of texutured hair communities online. While the conversations and activism surrounding natural and curly hair has existed for generations, it wasn’t until the emergence of the internet that individual women were able to connect and build a widespread community that existed outisde of the confines of their local friends and family.

In 1998, two curly-haired women, co-founders Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber, partnered to publicly address their personal frustrations with the lack of attention, representation, products, salon services, and national dialogue surrounding textured hair in the beauty industy. In their initial frustration, the friends and co-founders created a simple online discussion board (which has been revamped to our new CurlTalk“>. Their collective passion and vision fueled something much greater — the biggest online platform offering qualified user-generated product and stylist reviews, expert editorials and advice, and direct digital access to known products as well as emerging brands. 

Did you know that people with textured hair make up 60 percent of the overall population!? NaturallyCurly has worked to ensure us curlies are not left ignored by the beauty and hair industries for 20 years now! That’s something to celebrate.

While NaturallyCurly started as a hobby and a passion project, Breyer and Heber listened to their community and they added products and services and content tailored directly to that community from audience feedback. Today, NaturallyCurly continues to empower, inform, learn from and connect women and self-identifying women from all over the world. Without this community, we would not be here today. So for the rest of the year we are celebrating YOU for our 20th Anniversary. Here are some of the ways we will be giving back!

– Giveaways! Want to a win a chance to attend one of the biggest Textured Hair events of the year during New York Fashion week? Make sure you are following us on all social media.

Texture Tales. Have you seen any of our Texture Tales stories yet? This series showcases community stories about hair and self-growth. You can submit your story here!

– Tickets to Texture On the Runway. Our biggest event of the year held in New York City!

– Pop the Cork: Champagne and Questions with NC Editors. A series on Instagram starting this week!

– Live Questions from you to us on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube !

– Top 20 content; including the top 20 conditioners, cleansers, stylists on Instagram, hairstyles for different hair types, and more!

-Texture Tuesday. A series on Twitter where we retweet textured hair photos from our followers all day long.

– More, More, More! Make sure to follow us on all social channels to be a part of this celebration! 

Want to know more about our co-founders? Watch Gerilyn ask them some questions in the video below!

Today, NaturallyCurly continues to champion ideas, entrepreneurs, brands, stylists, influencers, quality original content, invaluable insights and most of all, the curly community: YOU!

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