Photo Courtesy of Maria Antoinette

What is a clip-in?

Clip-ins are hair extension placed on a weft. The weft is cut into multiple widths so that you can place them according to the sections on your head. Small combs are sewn to the weft and the hair adheres to the roots with combs that snap open and close. Clip-ins offers multiple options for all hair textures. They can add length and density, which expands your style options. 

How to install clip-ins

  • Create a clean part starting where you want to add extra hair. This can be vertical, horizontal, or circular.
  • Select the proper size weft for that parted section.
  • Open the clips.
  • Place the clips about 1/2 inch from the root of your hair to ensure comfort and less damage. 
If you have Type 2a-3a hair textures, you can do a little back combing or teasing on that parted section to assure your clip-ins do not slip out. 
If you have 3a-4c hair textures, the combs should clip securely. If you find your clip-ins slipping, then cautiously follow the instructions for 2a-3a hair textures.
    • Repeat until you achieve your desired look.
    • Style your hair and be cautious to not pull, yank, or break your hair.
Not sure what your hair type is? Check out our guide to curl patterns.


Sleeping with clip-ins

Yes, you can sleep with clip-ins, especially if you are setting your real hair by curling, braiding, and wearing an updo. I suggest pulling all of your hair back into a loose ponytail, if possible. Anywhere you feel pulling, simply open the clip and adjust it. Do not remove it from the hair just open it, as the clip-ins should be able to stay put without removal. When you wake simply close all open clips and refresh your look for the day.

How long should you wear them?

Clip-ins are a great alternative to other extensions. With all extensions you have to give your hair a break. Overuse of clip-ins can cause breakage, a tender scalp, and traction alopecia. Clip-ins should be worn a few days at a time.

Caring for clip-in extensions

Clip-ins are made of human hair and should be cared for as such. Here are a few tips that have helped me with getting the most out of my clip-ins. Shampoo sparingly, instead op for a biweekly co-wash. Since the clip-ins is not attached to the scalp hydration will be your friend. Use lightweight, non-oily styling products. Products with silicones will be your other best friends. Store your clip-ins when clean and completely dry. Please follow the manufacturers care instructions.