NaturallyCurly: How long have you been natural?

Jaleesa: I have been natural since 2009.

When did you start embracing your curls?

Jaleesa: I decided that I no longer wanted to relax my hair and I was interested in what my hair would look like in its natural state.

What's your daily hair routine?

Jaleesa: When my hair is curly, I love twist outs because they prevent my kinky curly hair from tangling and knotting. When my hair is straight, I add a bit of oil on my ends or do a high bun.

What's your nighttime hair routine?

Jaleesa: At night, I do a pineapple on my curly hair or wrap my straight hair. Either way, I add some moisture and oil to seal it in.

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What are your go-to styles?

Jaleesa: I love twist outs and high buns. Occasionally, I like extensions just to give my hair a break from manipulation.

What are your favorite products? 

Jaleesa: I love the entire SheaMoisture line of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. I love Carol’s Daughter as well. I find that my hair thrives with these products.

What ingredients does your hair love?

Jaleesa: My hair loves coconut oil and shea butter. My hair also loves Carol's Daughter Tui Moisturizing Sheen & Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum.

What ingredients does your hair hate?

Jaleesa: I haven’t found anything that my hair completely hates.

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How do the seasons affect your regimen?

Jaleesa: The colder it gets, the more I tend to rely on extensions for a break—I hate cold, wet hair. In the summer, I love my naturally, curly hair to be wild and free.

A big part of what makes natural hair fun is the versatility with styles and various colors. How do you prevent heat and chemical damage?
Jaleesa: I prevent heat and chemical damage by using heat protectants and minimizing the amount of heat. I also enjoy extensions because I can have a straighter style more easily with minimal damage.
What inspired you to start a vlog? 
Jaleesa: I have spent countless hours, days, and years watching so many beautiful, inspiring women on YouTube and I thought it would be beneficial to share my experiences and knowledge.
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What do you like most about vlogging?  
 Jaleesa: I love when I receive comments on how my videos have helped others. That’s the most important part.
What do you want to do beyond YouTube? 

Jaleesa: I would love to create my own hair or cosmetics line that focuses on naturally, healthy hair care.

Do you have any advice for new natural hair vloggers? 

Jaleesa: Don’t give up easily. There will always be someone out there that will learn from what you have to say. And most importantly, have fun!

What is your number one piece of advice for women with curly hair? 

Jaleesa: Embrace who you are. There is only one “you.”

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