Extensions are the ultimate accessory. Clip-ins allow you to change up your look in a matter of minutes without damaging your hair. They offer the ability to enhance and make your hair appear fuller and can also add length. When wearing extensions, you want them to look natural and blend seamlessly with your natural hair and here are a few tips to help you achieve that.

Wash your extensions before wearing them

It is best to wash your extensions before you wear them. Before washing, most extensions usually have a gloss that does not match most hair textures, so washing the extensions is essential to making them blend with your hair. Use a gentle shampoo and condition the extensions and allow them to air-dry. In order to avoid breakage and frizz, remember to be gentle, work in sections if necessary, and always stroke the hair downward.

Get the color that best matches your real hair

Don’t go for the bold red if your hair is brown. The perfect color match is key in making extensions look natural.  If you pick a shade that is too light or too dark, it can make your extensions really stand out. You can also color your extensions if your hair is colored to help them match your hair color.

100% human hair is best

If you want your hair extensions to look the most natural, it’s best to use 100% human hair extensions. It provides more versatility than synthetic hair for every reason. You can also curl, straighten, and color human hair extensions, helping you blend them perfectly. They also last longer than synthetic hair when properly cared for.

Style them

Whenever I wear hair extensions, I twist them just like I would twist my own hair. If your real hair has layers, you may want to cut layers into your extensions to remove the blunt ends and better conceal the extensions. You can also mix the extensions with your real hair by smoothing them with your fingers, comb, or detangling brush and twisting them together.

Less is actually more

You don’t have to use all the extensions that come with your bundle. If you use a few wefts in the back and some in the middle while leaving a bigger portion of your hair out at the top, this will help your extensions appear more natural. I usually do a twist-out with the top of my hair and just pin the back portion.

What helps you blend your natural hair extensions?

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