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When protective styling comes to mind, the first styles that you may think of are usually extension braids and twists. If braids or twists are not for you, consider wearing a wig. A synthetic wig is affordable, easy to find, and can be used more than once. As long as you care for your hair under the wig with regular cleansing, deep conditioning, and moisturizing, this can be a great option for a protective style. Not too sure where to start with your search? Check out these brands.

Photo Courtesy of Toni Daley

Toni Daley

Toni Daley offers synthetic half wigs that be used for long-term and short-term protective styling. She offers 100% Kanekalon fiber wigs that is inspired by a twist out and also another wig that can be used if you want a shorter, “big chop” look. Check YouTube for thorough reviews on her The Toni Half Wig, The Gabrielle Half Wig, and The Big Chop Half Wig. Be sure to read the maintenance washing instructions so your wig can be long lasting.

fingercomber synthetic wigs
Photo Courtesy of Fingercomber


Fingercomber offers a variety of wigs including The Wash & Go-Fro Unit and The Havana Fro Unit. There are a variety of different styles for curlies to choose from. It can be difficult to search for wigs that offer different styles, but this brand offers just that. The wigs also come in a variety of colors to choose from. Like previously mentioned, before sure to read the special care instructions.

elevate styles wigs
Photo Courtesy of Jessica Pettway

Elevate Styles

Elevate Styles offers a variety of wigs including synthetic and human hair wigs. However, they offer the wig Drew in multiple colors, which is no stranger to the natural hair community and has been a favorite by many curlies. The lace front wig is offered in many colors. This medium length curly wig can definitely be a favorite in your collection.

sensationnel synthetic wigs
Photo Courtesy of Crystal Michelle


Sensationnel also offers a variety of wigs including synthetic and human hair. The Tatiana wig recently became popular in the curly community. It has the texture of Marley hair and can be styled in a variety of ways including twists and perm rods. It is definitely worth adding to your collection.

You will see so many curlies on social media that look great with the same wig, but keep in mind that when you first put on a wig it may not look the way you want it to. It is best to style the wig so it can frame your face and look great on you. Jessica Pettway shares this awesome video on how she cuts, shapes, and styles her wigs. She has great skills with the scissors and you will love every minute of it.


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What are your favorite synthetic wig brands? Did your favorite make the list?

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