My last trip to Vegas for a hair brand's awards show proved to be a complete blast, but while I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the insane hair on the models, I couldn't help but notice what they were wearing. Alison Lang, fashionista extraordinaire (she's styled Kelly Clarkson, Mandy Moore, Will Farrell to name a few, as well as the fashion director for MTV2) was behind the insane fashions sported on the runway that night. Lucky me, I had the chance to pick Lang's brain, and talk to her about current trends, classic pieces, and what to do with that beautiful curly hair of yours!

Megan and Alison

Alison Lang and I in the "model pit".

CF: You have a plethora of experience in the world of fashion. What has been the most memorable thing you have worked on?

AL: To be honest, I feel very blessed to have working on so many different types of projects. I would say now that Michael Jackson has passed, working with him at MTV's Video Music Awards at Lincoln center in NYC is by far memorable. He surprised Justin Timberlake on stage. I look back now and realize that I (worked with Jackson) when I was 22 (which boggles my mind). It is so crazy to think that he is gone. But so amazing to have that memory.

Another great memory was doing a 24-hour live show with the Foo Fighters for MTV2. I had about 48 hours to prep all of them and did all of there fittings on camera. Each hour was a different theme and they needed a different wardrobe change. Everything was needed from Tuxs to swim trunks. It was insane but so much fun.

CF: We are seeing a lot of trends cropping up right now; what is your favorite thing that has caught on?

AL: To be honest, I am not a fan of trends. I am a fan of classic items. That is why I love Chanel. I have purchased handbags 8 years ago that still look current today.

CF: Women with textured hair are sometimes hesitant to try new fashion trends when their hair makes a statement; what are your suggestions?

AL: Your hair is an accessory to your outfit. If you are going to go crazy with your hair then wear something simple and vice versa.

CF: What are a few staple items that any fashionista worth her salt should have in her arsenal?

AL: Great basics that you can mix and match.

  1. White tee shirt
  2. Black blazer or chunky sweater
  3. Jeans that fit your body type
  4. Black dress
  5. Black and or metallic heels
  6. Black converse or cute sneakers of choice
  7. One statement necklace
  8. Business suit
  9. White blouse
  10. A splurge handbag. Nothing trendy—something classic.

These are items that you will have forever and are worth investing in. Mixing and matching this items is something fun to do. You will be so surprised how many looks you can make out of these few simple pieces.