How Netflix’s Bridgerton Reimagines Period Hairstyles
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The wonderful world of Bridegerton returns to our screens (and hearts) on May 16, 2024. The Regency-era program became a global phenomenon in 2020, captivating audiences with its steamy romance scenes and impeccable fashion. But beyond the show’s lavish costumes and rich storylines, Bridgerton has also made an irresistible impact on beauty—particularly when it comes to hairstyles.

Bridgerton hairstyles have become a true reflection of the show’s commitment to representation while rewriting the beauty standards of period pieces. Gone are the days when we sat through poorly fixed wigs and dreadful styling of naturally curly hair. Bridgeton reimagines and embraces a wide range of hair textures, from tight curls to flowing waves. 

In an article reported by the LA Times, Nic Collins (the head makeup and hair designer for Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story) said, “If it’s not their natural hair, all characters are wearing wigs because we wanted to be cautious and not damage the lead’s natural hair.” Collins also reveals that most wigs on set were made of up to eight tightly glued pieces. The production team crafted over a thousand unique styles tailored to the character’s place in the season’s narrative.

This type of representation challenges the traditional beauty standards that have long dominated the film and television industry. It paves the way for a more inclusive and diverse portrayal of natural beauty.

Here are the top stand-out beauty moments from the hit television series.

1. Young Agatha

Source: Instagram/bridgertonnetflix

Young Agatha’s voluminous Georgian-era hairstyle in Queen Charlotte contrasted with the sleeker Regency looks. Her intricate coiffure showcased the meticulous attention to detail, making it a standout feature that captured the essence of the period.

2. The Featherington Sisters

Source: Instagram/bridgertonnetflix

The Featherington sisters’ curly updos in Bridgerton season one were a hit despite their characters not being fan favorites. Their fiery red hair was beautifully accentuated by stunning floral accessories, making this a memorable look. 

3. Queen Charlotte

Source: Instagram/bridgertonnetflix

Queen Charlotte showcases a stunning two-toned wig with intricate crystal embellishments, creating a mesmerizing look that blends the elegance of Swan Lake with the opulence of the Regency era. As we eagerly await the third season, Queen Charlotte teases us with innovative and visually striking hairstyles. 

4. Penelope Featherington

Source: Instagram/bridgertonnetflix

Penelope Featherington’s new look for Bridgerton’s third season channels 1950s Hollywood glamor, with dreamy red waves and delicate baby hairs evoking the style of iconic movie stars like Marilyn Monroe but with a good ol’ twist. This stunning transformation promises to make Penelope an unforgettable diamond in the upcoming season.

5. Queen Charlotte

Source: Instagram/bridgertonnetflix

Queen Charlotte stunned with a dark and regal, loc’d updo. Staggered bejeweled accessories and floral loc details elevated the elegant hairstyle. It was another jaw-dropping, royal moment that showcased the Queen’s impeccable beauty and style.

6. Kate Sharma

Source: Instagram/bridgertonnetflix

Kate Sharma’s braided bun became a signature look in Bridgerton’s second season. This hairstyle framed her expressive face, allowing her nuanced performances to shine. This stylish choice complemented the character’s journey, highlighting her poise and confidence as she navigated the season.

7. Young Charlotte

Source: Instagram/bridgertonnetflix

When young Charlotte wasn’t wearing her hair in an elegant pineapple, she proudly strutted around her kingdom with her beautiful, voluminous afro. Adorned in her shiny new crown, the young queen exuded confidence and regal poise in the series prequel.

8. Young Agatha

Source: Instagram/bridgertonnetflix

Another stand-out look from the series goes to young Agatha. Agatha debuted a stunning twist-filled updo, which looked polished yet effortless. The intricate styling created an exquisite hair moment, showcasing Agatha’s youthful elegance and style.

In short, Bridgerton has undoubtedly left its mark on popular culture with its modern take on period hairstyles. From cascading waves and coils to intricate protective styles, the show’s fascinating hair choices have become a source of inspiration. We look forward to seeing all the Regency-inspired coiffures, curls, waves, and braids in the upcoming season.

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