I have been shlepping around bridal boutiques and outlets with my sister now for a few months, helping her finalize details for her wedding. So, naturally, (whether I like it or not), I have been keeping an ear to the bridal world for anything new and exciting I can share with my soon-to-be married sister. You can imagine my surprise when a co-worker mentioned the very talented Vera Wang is introducing her "White" collection for David's Bridal, due out this month. Now, we know that Vera Wang has revolutionized the way I view Kohl's, but this is Vera Wang Bridal, people! This is what she's known for!

I automatically thought of boring designs and cheap knock-offs, but after looking over the David's Bridal site, it is clear that this new line is going to sell like hot cakes. The designs are classically feminine and cutting edge all at the same time. The prices are around a thousand dollars for an out-of-the-box dress that will have you feeling like the unique bride that you really are on your wedding day. Unfortunately, my sister has already purchased a fabulous gown, and I am nowhere near the getting-married stage in my life, so I will just have to be patient until one of my other fabulous friends ties the knot. When that happens, you know I'll be requesting a day at David's Bridal to ooh and ahh over these fantastic finds!

Want to be the first of your friends in a Vera Wang design? Check out more about the White line here.