Why not live your best life?

It's that time where everyone is reflecting on their past year, planning their goals for the upcoming year and striving to live their best lives mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically. One of the most common New Year's Resolutions is to make health a priority and exercise regularly. For many curlies, exercising can be quite a hassle especially because of the amount of time it takes to wash and style our hair post workout. Believe me sis, I understand your struggles. I'm currently rocking a protective style, a versatile sew-in with wavy hair extensions, but regardless of my hairstyle, naturally curly hair requires some extra effort. This year I made health and wellness a priority and I've never felt more confident, energized and motivated so I wanted to share a few essentials to hopefully spark a fire in you to want to feel and look your best in 2018! Here's a few of my favorite items that could be a great gift for a curlfriend or yourself, to help you track your progress and maintain your curls in style.

Fitness Gift Guide

Step Up Your Style

Why be basic, when you can be extraordinary? Something about cute activewear motivates me to work out and I love this Joy Lab bra and leggings from Target. The bold color block details make it easy where you can go straight from the gym to run your errands in style.

Finding the right pair of shoes is essential and these Huraches are known for being effortlessly stylish and comfortable.

Stay Hydrated

When you're in it to win it, the key is to stay hydrated. This water bottle is the perfect reminder to always give it your best and challenge yourself every chance you get. Remember, you are your only competition.

Don't Forget to Stretch it Out

Regardless of how often you exercise, it's important to stretch before and after to prevent soreness and injuries. Grab this cute and comfy mat to stay ready at all times.

Track Your Progress

Not only is this a chic banlge, but it's also a Fitbit. Transform your tracker into this beautiful accessory while you hit your goals.

Remain Focused

There's nothing better than working on yourself and blocking out all distractions while your favorite music plays. These earbuds are great for your ultimate lit workout playlist.

This armband is a game changer! It's most definitely one of my absolute essentials to have while I exercise. It helps me stay focused and off my phone and keeps my phone in place without me having to hold on to it or lose it.

Refresh Your Curls

Don't let anyone or anything stop you from being great, especially not your hair! Sweat with confidence and keep your hair out of your face with this headband.

Whether I'm wearing my natural hair or a protective style, my hair requires some type of maintenance after I exercise. This scalp refresher is great because it cleans my scalp without having to wash my hair.

What are your essential fitness item(s)? Let me know in the comments below.