How to Care for Your Kids Curls This Summer

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Curls have no gender, which means that you may need to learn a whole different kind of styling technique and regimen for your kids’ curls depending on how they want to wear their hair. But styling aside, there are some tried and true methods that work no matter how you or your kids wear their hair, because your kids’ curls have a lot of the same rules as adult curls, such as:

  • Always style wet
  • Never brush dry
  • Don’t wash it every day
  • Keep it moisturized

Aside from those basics, it’s all about learning how to care for curls that are probably a lot different than your own (especially since curl patterns can change as you age”>.

First, Learn How To Care for Their Hair

Every curl is unique, so it’s important to remember that when it comes to your kids, their hair care needs may not be the same as yours, because they may not have the same exact curl type or porosity. Determining their curl pattern and hair porosity first will make the next steps a lot easier.

Just like your curls, your kids’ curls don’t need to be washed every single day and setting up a routine with them can help them know what to expect for their curls as they get older. Still, summertime means extra sweat, dirt, chlorine, and who knows what else. So you might want to wash their hair a little more often during the hot summer months.

In order to care for your kids’ curls the right way, you may have to be more selective about the products you use. Sometimes kids line hair products work and sometimes they don’t. And just like it took time and patience to learn how to care for your curls, it may take time, patience, and some trial and error before you find the right products for your kids’ curls.

Find a Curl Specialist Near You

If your kids’ curls are much different than yours (and especially if you don’t have any curls yourself”>, finding a curl specialist near you who specializes in their specific hair texture can be a huge game changer. Not only is this a great way to help them learn to love their own natural curls, but it can be a great learning opportunity for you as well. 

By paying attention to the curl specialist’s technique, recommended products, and taking notes for reference, you can learn a lot about how to properly care for your kids’ curls at home.

Keep Your Kids’ Curl Care Regimen Simple

While it can definitely be fun to play around with different styles, techniques, and products, as far as their daily hair care routine goes the simpler it is the better. Kids love to laugh and play and often pay no mind to their hair once it’s done for the day. There’s no need to layer products and use fancy styling techniques when they will likely be having too much fun throughout the day to remember not to touch it or mess it up.

And that’s not even taking into account the fact that summers mean pools, sweat, and tons of sun most days. So when it comes to caring for your curly kids’ hair in the summer, your two biggest goals should be heat and humidity protection.

Depending on where you live and your environment, that can look like a simple moisturizing leave-in conditioner or a hydrating cream followed by a gel, custard, or moose to keep everything in place. Or something completely different – all curls and curl needs are unique after all.

Products and Accessories to Help Care for Your Kids’ Curly Hair

Products and accessories can easily make or break any curly hair care routine. But when it comes to your kids’ curls, less is more (especially during those hot summer months!”>. That’s why our top three must-haves for keeping your kids’ curls healthy all summer long are leave-in conditioners, a good hair gel, and satin pillowcases.

How to Care for Your Kids Curls This Summer

Leave-In Conditioners Make Your Life Easy

Whether you’re in a rush or simply don’t have the energy to deal with a multi-step curl care routine, leave-in conditioners will become your new best friend. Not only are they ultra moisturizing, but they can also be used as stylers depending on your kids’ curl type.

Some of our favorite leave-in conditioners for kids’ curls are:

How to Care for Your Kids Curls This Summer

Hair Gel is Your Saving Grace and Humidity’s Worst Nightmare

Aside from maintaining healthy, moisturized hair, hair gel is key to fighting humidity year round, but especially during those hot and humid summer months. In our experience, the best gels are the ones that give you a lasting hold after drying and scrunching, such as:

Satin Pillowcases Fight Frizz All Night Long

While they probably look adorable in a cute little silk bonnet or wrap, keeping your kids’ curls contained while they sleep is more or less a losing battle. Instead, skip protected hair wraps entirely and opt for some nice satin pillowcases. 

They’re easy to wash, easy to use, and best of all minimize how frizzy your kids’ curls are in the morning no matter how much they toss and turn at night. Plus your kids will feel a lot cooler in the summer heat without something wrapped around their head.

Do you have a go-to tip or trick for caring for your kids’ curls in the summer? Let us know in the comments!

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