Hair accessories are an easy way to dress up a simple outfit or just add an extra dose of cuteness to your little one’s hair. Check out these 10 hair accessories for kids that are sure to make your heart pitter-patter.

1. Hair Bows

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Photo courtesy of @sxylvvlori

Adding a giant bow on a small child is sure to turn up the cuteness meter. Try a premade bow with a clip or barrette attachment or create your own using a stiff ribbon material. Pull hair back into a high ponytail, smooth the baby hairs, and add your bow!

2. Barrettes

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Photo courtesy of @brandirell

Not all accessories have to be oversized. Barrettes add a touch of girliness to your daughter's hairstyle. They typically are applied by gliding the open end into hair and then snapping them to close. Try this adorable style that incorporates curly ribbon barrettes on twisted half-up half-down pigtails.

3. Twinbead Bubble Ponytail Holders

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Photo courtesy of @_grace_by_faith_

Bubble elastics have been around for ages and many of us may remember them in our own hair at one time. Use them for ponytails, in braids, or try a creative style like this that incorporates a few twisted ponytails crossed over one another.

4. Turbans

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Photo courtesy of @key.lyric

A turban is a chic addition to any child’s wardrobe. Leave some or all of the hair tucked in and choose bright, bold colors to stand out this summer. This turban with a bow has our hearts melting.

5. Headwrap

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Photo courtesy of @boy_and_babe

Headscarves come in a variety of prints and colors and can easily keep hair out of the way during a heatwave. Place hair into a high ponytail or bun then tie one around the perimeters of the head into a bow or knot.

6. Hats

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Photo courtesy of @discocurls

One of the easiest ways to protect your little boy or girl from the sun is to cover up with a hat. Choose a wide-brim, bucket style, or straw for 360 degree coverage or a baseball cap to shade the face and add a touch of swag.

7. Beads

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Photo courtesy of @theannmariejohn

Beads can be a colorful way to spruce up braids and twists. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and materials. This creative style incorporate larger beads with a bold color scheme on each individual braid.

8. Headbands

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Photo courtesy of @riley.b.rell

Headbands are another simple accessory that work well on all hair lengths. A cloth material can be wrapped around the head or you can opt for the standard plastic headband that is secure around the top half of the head.

9. Ribbons

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Photo courtesy of @la.luna.hairstyles

Ribbons have come a long way since the standard bow in a ponytail. Weaving them into braids adds color, texture and is sure to be an eye-catching style for a young lady. This partially braided style is perfect for birthday parties and school pictures.

10. Flowers

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Photo courtesy of @tammi.diversified

A giant flower (real or faux) can add a touch of nature to curls or a braid-out. Try a sunflower, peony, or rose placed above the ear to brighten up a simple hairstyle.

What are some of your favorite hair accessories for kids? Let the Naturally Curly community know down below in the comments.