Everybody has their signature style, whether it be a twist out or a fierce updo. You may rock this look several days out the week, on weekends or even for big celebrations. But what can you do to jazz up this signature look and really make it pop for that special night? Change your hair part! That’s right, switch up which way your hair falls for an instant transformation from day to night. It’s so simple you may not have even thought about it!

If you’re anything like me, your hair is usually styled in the same direction. Some people are what I call center parters, some are righties and some are lefties. I never pictured myself as a center part kind of girl, but with big hair, it just tends to work! Once I found myself styling more and more with a center part, it became my go-to style. So when I want to change it up for a night out, I will shift my part to either side, creating an instantly different look while still maintaining a high level of chic.

Parting for Healthy Hair

It’s always good to change up your parts every once in a while anyway for the health of your hair. If you take a look at where you normally part your hair, you may begin to notice a few shorter strands. This occurs because of the regular, continuous styling of this particular area. You should always take notice when you are styling your hair in the same way of any breakage or additional stress placed on the hair in certain areas, especially around the hairline. It’s so easy to get stuck in the same old routine that it almost goes unnoticed if hair loss starts to occur. Give your regular parts a break and switch it up every so often!

Tools of the Trade

Switching your hair direction takes only a few minutes and maybe a few hair pins if your hair doesn’t want to stay in place. You can use your fingers to separate the hair, giving you a gentle and natural looking part, or try using the pointy end of a rattail comb to give you a hard part. This also works well whether you’re wearing your hair up or down. For an elegant look, try pairing a deep side part with a sleek updo. You can even skip the part altogether and opt for a halo of curls framing your face. Your textured tresses will reign supreme no matter what the occasion!

Happy styling!

Where do you part and how do switch things up?