Do you remember growing up, sitting between your mother’s legs while she parted, plaited and prettied your hair? I do and one of my favorite accessories growing up were those pretty barrettes and hair clips. They never seemed to stay on my hair, but they sure looked great when they did! As an adult, I’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of hair jewelry to spice up a style. With proper placing, that’s one of the best ways to take your hair from a day to night style.

The trend towards incorporating hair clips has been growing tremendously and I’ve seriously been taking notes! The coolest part of the hair clip trend is that it is great for all ages, hair types and textures. When you’re heading out for a night on the town there are a few things to consider before donning your hair clip. The size, color and placement can make all the difference when rocking your super trendy clip.

How to Use Hair Clips

  1. Pick a Color: It’s okay not to match your clip to your outfit. Sometimes you need that pop of color to take your look from regular to extraordinary. On my recent trip to Atlanta for the World Natural Hair Show, I ran across a booth that had some really great pieces. I was immediately attracted to a purple flower hair clip, even though I was wearing teal. The trick with this particular clip is that it had mixed materials, including small flowers and peacock colors. Once placed, the flower really jazzed up my look, taking me from casual daytime to an almost island kind of sultry style. I got so many compliments…now I can’t wait to build on my collection!
  2. Pick a Size: Contrary to popular beliefs, size really does matter and your hair accessories are no exception! A small clip with big hair would get lost, just as a large clip with a low profile style might look a bit ridiculous. If you’re looking to have a more low-key evening, consider a smaller piece to accentuate your fly hairstyle without overpowering it. Sometimes you just want that extra special piece to make a twist out or updo stand out in the crowd. Pick a smaller hair clip in a color that compliments your outfit and watch the compliments roll in! When you’re rocking a big fierce fro or twist out, a bigger clip will do your curls justice. Whatever size you decide, make it a statement piece for your night on the town.
  3. Pick a Place: The placement is equally as important as both color and size when choosing the perfect hair clip for the night. Actually, a beautiful clip in an awkward place will look just that…awkward! More frequently people will place their clips to one side so that it’s easily seen. But depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, you can easily put the hair clip anywhere you want. For example, if you’re wearing a low or open back top, try placing the clip around your nape area behind one of your ears. Who says you can’t look just as good walking away as you do walking in!

Final Thoughts

Hair clips aren’t just for kids anymore and they can definitely transform your look from day to night. Add some hair jewelry to your arsenal and see how easy it is to make a statement when you’re going out. Want to add another look using hair clips? One of the cool things you can do is to add them to headbands, allowing you to create a multitude of unique looks. If you’re a crafty curly girl, you may even try your hand at making them yourself. Happy styling!

How do you use hair clips to dress up your look?