At the drop of a hat you may be asked to go somewhere that requires you to get all dolled up. When that time comes, clothes and makeup are easy enough, but hair is a different story. If you don't have the time to wash and start over or risk ruining a style to try to create another, simple twisting and pinning is a good way to go from day to night. If executed correctly, you can dramatically up the wow factor of your hair. When you're, done simply unpin and untwist and you're ready for the workplace or school the next day.

Claw Clip Updo

To create this hairstyle I used only my fingers and some small claw clips.

  1. To begin, I created a pompadour by grabbing a section of hair at the front of my head and twisting it to the side and securing it with a small clip.
  2. I then grabbed another section of hair on the side and also twisted it so that it was tight and secure and used a small clip to secure it down.
  3. I continued to do this all the way around my head until my hair at the back had been pinned up and my hair was pinned to the side.
  4. No good 'do is complete without a few accessories.

Quick go to hairstyles are a must for every natural curly. Will you be adding this one to your personal hairstyle stash?