head wrap hairstyles

One of the hottest trends this season is printed fabrics and what better way to jazz up your summer than by incorporating a bold head wrap with your curly hair? Head wraps are a great option for naturals and they’re more than just a cover up on a bad hair day. Head wraps are so versatile and there’s a ton of ways they can be worn to suit your mood. These chic accessories can instantly provide a dose of style on a fun night out.

Simple Wrap

I’m no expert in wearing head wraps for style, but I’m familiar with tying one on at bedtime. They are actually pretty easy to work with, just make sure you get a long enough scarf. Starting with the scarf stretched out, place the middle in the center across the front of your head. I had the scarf folded about one-third across the width, to make it narrow enough to cover the back of my head without too much excess fabric. I wrapped the scarf around the back of my head and then brought it back up to the front. Tuck the loose ends in the fabric and you’re ready to go! This is a very boho chic look, great for a block party!

Loose Tie

This is one of my favorite and probably the easiest, way to wear a head wrap! I love this look because it accentuates my curls and gives me a fun separation between my bangs and the updo in the back. For this look, I fold the scarf to make it more narrow, then line the middle of the scarf up with the back of my head. When I bring the two ends up to the front of my head, I overlap them and create a knot at the center of my head, then I tie the ends together in the back of my head. What a feminine way to wear a head wrap and add a pop of color into your wardrobe!

Bow Tie

Want a fun, girlie and stylish way to wear a head wrap? Try the bow-tied look! Starting with a narrow scarf at the back of your head, you’re going to create an off-center tie to one side of your head. Make sure the lengths are equal, then you can pull the knot to one side of your head. Once you have the two ends, fold one side and tuck the end under the knot; repeat on the other side. You can even make one side a little longer when you first tie the head wrap, then you can wrap the end around the center to create a more defined bow. Ta-da, instant cuteness!

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to go bold, or blend in, a head wrap is a great accessory to dress your style up for a night on the town. There are so many varieties to choose from, just check your favorite retailer to see what they have in stock. Happy styling!