Defining my curls is a technique that I am still trying to perfect (but I have some useful tips for you). You too can take your curly wash-and-go to the next level if you simply follow these steps. To get definition, make sure your product is reaching every single strand of your hair with moisture, hold, and distribution.

I believe that having a great curly cut and shape will greatly help with maintaining curl definition. It will shape your face and have your curls finished--no straggly ends!

  1. If I want great definition, I'll wash my hair first. The water from the shower pouring down on your hair from root to tip will train your curls to fall in place with less frizz ready for styling. Condition your hair whilst it is soaking wet! This makes it easier for the hair to retain moisture; the soaked hair will already be somewhat defined, your conditioner and styler will then only enhance it.

  1. When applying my leave-in conditioner, I do so in smaller sections. This way, I am sure to not miss any strands. Dry and tangled hair equals frizz, which will prevent definition.

  1. To set, I use a small amount of curl cream or gel and smooth each section of hair from root to tip one with the praying hands method.

  1. Once my whole hair has been styled, I like to finger curl any sections that need extra help for definition. I have very straight hair near my edges so during this time, I give them some extra styling TLC.

  1. Finally, I leave the hair completely alone to air dry to prevent any friction or frizz. No touching! (If you're in a rush, use a diffuser attachment).

Watch my wash/cleanse video

Watch my video on how to have defined twists

What defining technique works best for your curls?