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I know there are countless articles giving advice on humidity during spring and summer but if you live in the Gulf coast or an equally humid climate, then humidity is ever-present and you range from high to OMG-this-don’t-make-no-sense high humidity. I was relaxed when I was living in the Gulf Coast, before I became natural, and know just how frizzy one’s hair can get living there year-round. When I go back to visit I know my products may need to change, so when Kandy. Negus came to Curly Q&A with her problem I felt compelled to help. Unless you have lived in that kind of climate, you truly have no clue how it affects your hair.


So I live on the gulf coast where it rains 50% of the time and we always have very high humidity. I cowash, squish to condish, scrunch in cream and gel and DT with coconut oil weekly. I know frizz is caused by lack of moisture in hair. Any suggestions for products or technique?


Yes, we’ve got you covered with products and techniques. As I have said before, a person’s curls, waves, and coils do not just have to factor genetics or age but geographical locale too, so take into account the seasons and the location when looking for techniques and products. Curly girls in ultra-humid climates battle frizz on a grander scale and more often than someone in a drier climate. No fret as there are tips to make those days go smoother (hair included”> and quicker.

Do not fight your hair’s natural texture

That just means work with your coily, wavy, and curly hair. Fighting its natural desire or need to stay in its natural state will only make the process frustrating, and sorry, but your hair is going to win. If you are dealing with ultra-humid days or months steer clear of the flat iron or straighter styles. Also, you will most likely have to deal with shrinkage and depending on your hair type it can go from a little to a lot! No need to fight it every day. Just let everything think you cut it and tomorrow when they see it longer they will be confused. Just call it having curly girl magic.

Make sure to DC regularly

Not just when it seems to be thirsty. Deep conditioning (DC”> should occur after every single, solitary washday. DC helps to keep the hair healthy so it can combat humid days, cold days, warm days and every other day in-between. Make it a weekly or bi-weekly routine and notice how your hair responds by styling, feeling, and looking better.

Lighter is not always better

Using light butters, gels, or mousses may be better for your hair during summer humidity or climates having little to no humidity, but heavier products are probably better options. No one says to be heavy handed but styling products like heavier gels and serums will better coat the hair, creating a barrier against the humidity.

When I go home to Louisiana I tend to bring my heavier gels and conditioners like Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel and conditioner with silicones. They work great for wash n go’s in those climates and while many of them may have silicones or proteins, they are not great for everyday use. They can cause buildup from silicones or even breakage from too many proteins if used excessively. If you live in humid climates, then consider incorporating styles that do not require much stretching.

Products for humid climates

Nothing beats good old-fashioned trial and error, but these products have been getting thumbs up for fighting humidity in a big way.

What’s your favorite products or techniques while living in a high humid climate?


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