With the first day of summer upon us, we embark upon a season that requires the most attention to your daily hairstyling regimen—the season of summer frizz. Don’t spend your mornings in frustration, piling on oily products to tame that unmanageable frizz.

Santa Monica-based American Beauty Hair Salon owner, expert colorist and inventor of the Ferrum Professional Styler Barbara Abbasi has provided these simple frizzy hair remedies for the summer.

Cut It Out—Don’t Go Short

Though the scorching summer heat will have you ready to shorten those locks, keep your hair long. Short hair is more likely to bulk up in hot humid weather, so save those short curly hair styles for the fall. Leave those locks long!

Showering Your Routine with Changes

To make sure you steer clear of summer frizz, don't over-wash your hair. Try changing your regular routine. Natural oils will help tame your hair. Also, use a good conditioner and leave it on for a while before rinsing. When rinsing, leave a very light layer in your hair to help combat frizz. Add a small amount of moisture block to your towel dried hair. Change it up!

Steer Clear of Hair Volumizing Products

Stay away from products that give you more volume and body, resulting in summer frizz. Go light on the products and do your research!

Shift Your Focus

The clock is ticking. It is almost 8:30 a.m. and you are nowhere near ready for work. Sometimes, the solution is to shift your focus. Put your hair in an elegant twist and play up your makeup or those fabulous long earrings you recently purchased. Channel your inner Lauren Conrad and quickly section a part of your hair, braid it and create a messy bun. Play up your outfit to match your look.