Are you in need of a way to dry your hair without causing frizz? Sarah reviews two drying tools that may help you reduce the frizz.

Sarah does a video review of the CurlsLikeUs Cloths and Hand Dry Hair Gloves.

Waterlily/Sarah S.

Sarah Stevens, also known as Waterlily716, started her popular YouTube channel to provide education about curly hair basics and help others learn how to care and love for their natural curls.

Hey Sarah, thanks for all your video tips..they are awesome! My hair is a lot like yours...but not as thick. I'm looking for some ideas for up-dos for our hair type. Do you have any suggestions? I want to do something creative, but with dark curly hair, it seems like lots of looks get "lost" in the dark know? What up dos looks cute/creative and noticeable with our hair?

Hey Sarah, I just used a couple of your tips (not using terry cloth, plopping) and my hair looks sooo much better already. I'm hoping it can look as good as yours soon!