rocia pineapple curls

If you'd like to maintain your curls the following day, this video might be helpful to you. Just a few steps can help you keep your favorite style protected over night. These tips can also help to revive your curls for the next day, prolonging your favorite styles! This is my sleep routine and what I do to protect and maintain my curls for the next day.

Pineapple to protect overnight

I gather all of the hair at the top of my head and wrap it only one time--I don't want to put an indention in my curls.

Sleep on a satin pillowcase

This reduces frizz while tossing and turning during sleeping. You may also use a satin bonnet or scarf.

Scrunch and seal with coconut oil

This adds moisture. I only do this as needed.

Reactivate product from the day before

I take off my hair tie, fluff and shake out whatever stiffness was created overnight. I use a spray bottle with conditioner and water to reactivate any product that was already in my hair the day before.

Smooth with conditioner

Lately I have been using Andalou Naturals Conditioner. I take a dollop into the palm of my hand and smooth my ends with it.

Fluff to add volume

I use a pick and grab a bit more conditioner, smoothing it down to tame the flyaways. I give my curls a few scrunches, and then leave it alone. Rake the roots, and lift. Sometimes I even shake it out.

Now, I am good to go!

Watch my video tutorial

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