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We are deep into the 2018 awards season, with the Grammys , Golden Globes and now the Oscars. I personally only watch award shows for the fashion and hair inspiration, and lately we’ve seen tighter textured celebrities such as Yara Shahidi, Tracee Ellis Ross, Alessia Cara and Lupita Nyongo rocking the red carpet and flaunting their natural texture. Type 2 wavies and Type 3 curlies, on the other hand, have been missing in action this awards season. For years, the celebration of natural beauty has been blatantly disregarded and called ugly, unprofessional and most recently for wavy-haired Jennifer Lawrence, a “frizzy fail.” We were appalled to see the coverage of her recent red carpet appearance for Red Sparrow slammed by the media as a “disheveled ‘do” and a “puffed-out style [that] also obscures her lovely features, leaving us itching to tuck it behind her ears or pop in a hair slide.” We hope naturally wavy and curly celebrities won’t take this outdated way of thinking to heart when they plan their Oscars looks this weekend. Although we’ve pushed the needle in redefining beauty, unfortunately many women, celebrities and non-celebrities alike, still feel the need to straighten their hair for high profile events.

Many may feel it’s not a big deal how celebrities wear their hair to these events, “it’s just hair”, but we both know that’s not true. Millions of viewers tune in to these award shows hoping to see people that look like them, who are rising up and revolutionizing beauty. Hopefully, the Oscars doesn’t disappoint and brings us so much curl envy we can’t stand it!

Do you feel women have embraced their natural hair textures on the red carpet? Or are you still on the hunt for your celebrity curl twin?

Do you still feel pressured to straighten your hair for a formal event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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