What actually works to keep your hair young and beautiful?

Hair care is truly an area where the “less means more” approach wins out. To combat the weakening, you’ll want to embrace your natural texture, and lay off chemical processes like straightening and over-coloring that can further deplete the protein strength of your strands. Refrain also from turning up the temperature level on styling tools past low to medium heat, and don’t let irons sit on one section of hair for too long, advises Zahir.

Regular trims maintained every four to six weeks refresh strands and keep ends bouncier and youthful. If your strands are feeling especially lifeless, consider taking daily hair-healthy supplements like biotin and B vitamins — specifically B-2, B-5, B-12 — for stronger hair, adds Zahir.

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Who would have thought? The key to young, beautiful hair is to "embrace your natural texture."

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