2018 is here and it's louder, bolder, and fiercer than ever before! Hair color has been making waves for the past few years as celebrities, influencers, and stylists give us creative beautiful colors to add to our curls. 2017 gave us deep turquoise and magenta's, but 2018 is going deeper with jewel tones, ombre's, multi-colored hues and more. Any color can be a hard decision for curlies to make since it takes a toll on your curls, but whether it's temporary or long-term, it can always be fun to change up your look. The great thing about hair color this year is the trends have something for everyone whether you want to layer the color's in your hair or have different shades of one color all over. Here at Naturally Curly, we've got you covered with colors to make your curls pop and varied ways to transition into something bolder if you are really want to switch up your hair game.

Rainbow Sherbet

Woman with curly hair of multi colorful pink shades

Photo Credit: @lulustone_

Why have one color when you can have three? For those of us wanting to go the bright fantasy color route this year, mixing up your hues is the trend to follow. Try a base color for the roots and then switch up the shades with light colors like pink and orange for an explosive dose of fun. You can combine any hue you like, but we're loving this take on rose gold and peach.

Curl Poppin Gray

Woman with grey curly hair

Photo Credit: @naturallytash

Don't knock the gray until you try it. While this is a very drastic look, shades of gray have a beautiful hue and pigmentation to make your curls pop and to really try a look outside the box.

Mulled Wine

Women with wine curly hair

Photo Credit: @happycurlhappygirl

Dark Chocolate

African-American woman with curly brown hair

Photo Credit: @livin_fearless

Are you ready to bang out with a beautiful brown hue? This rich, chocolate color combines several shades that will make your eyes pop and allow you to play with your natural hair color if you don't want to venture too far into a bold shade.

Cool Copper

African-American women with copper curly hair

Photo Credit: @curlsandcouture

Be looking out for this cool copper shades that will be flooding Instagram this season. Think of a lightened auburn shade combined with brown that will leave your skin glowing. It's versatility to go lighter or darker is great for brunettes wanting to experiment with their hair color.

Blonde with Dark Roots

Woman with curly blonde hair

Photo Credit: @pariisjay

Have no fear ladies, this season you can try blonde without the weekly trips to the salon. Platinum has never looked so bold in this lightened shade that is accompanied by dark roots. The contrast between the roots and the length gives this look a more modern spin. While honey blonde has often been the signature for curlies, don't be afraid to step up your shade game and go even brighter this spring. Just be sure to follow these steps to avoid damage and brassiness.

Red Ombre

African-American woman with curly ombre hair

Photo Credit: @curlychaotic

Ombre is back, but with a twist. The great thing about a good ombre is that it provides versatility and experimentation for any transitional hair color. In a season of varying shades of red, we encourage you to try a red ombre that compliment great dark roots without being too overwhelming.

Root Beer

Curly woman with brown hair

Photo Credit: @kait_touch_this

The hair inspiration just keeps on coming with this glorious shade of brown. Root beer is not just a soda this year, it has turned into a warm brown hue with hints of red in between. This is a great color for those of us wanting a subtle change, but nothing too drastic in terms of shade or upkeep.

This rich, deep red shade has been all the rage the past few months. It's varying shades of red can work well without a lot of maintenance or upkeep. It's a great winter and summer shade that will definitely turn heads in the streets.

Are you kicking off 2018 with a new color? Tell us what's inspiring you!