We were lucky enough to meet Kris Brooks coming out of the trendy, private social club Soho House in New York. Brooks, a longtime NaturallyCurly community member, is a New York-based world-touring professional musician and has worked with performers such as Stevie Wonder, John Legend, and Mary J. Blige. Right now, she’s on her second world tour with Sam Smith and we got to see her in action when she came through Austin!

We checked in with her to get an update on her loc journey, here's her amazing growth check-in, plus motivation to trust the journey.

Hi y’all! I’m back with another hair update! One thing I can say about this hair loc’ing process is that it can feel like nothing is happening for months, and then one day you wake up, and your hair looks completely different!

For a while, I thought I wasn’t making any progress with my hair. I remember a lot of women telling me, “Make sure you take pictures during the process!” Well, let me tell you, without the documentation I really wouldn’t have seen nor understood the amazing transition my hair has made from Day 1 to now!

This journey is highly personal, and unique to each person. As much advice as you get, or as many pictures you look at of other people’s locs you love, your journey will be none other but yours alone. That’s something I embraced early on, and I’m glad I did, because it saved me from a lot of discouragement!

Trust the process and know that your locs will be just as unique as you! Check out my previous posts, and see the dramatic change over the past few months!

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