Uncommon Natural Herbs That Are Great at Treating Hair Loss

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If you happen to be an avid reader of our site—and hopefully, that is indeed the case—you might’ve read the title of this and thought to yourself, “I think I’ve seen something similar to this before.” And yep, you would be right. Earlier this year, we published “These Are the Top 10 Herbs for Hair Growth” that included more commonly-known herbs like rosemary, lavender and ginseng.

This time, we are putting a twist on this. For one thing, this is going to be a list of herbs that specifically address hair loss-related issues. If you’ve been losing hair due to hormonal imbalance, a poor diet or your scalp not being as healthy as it should, these are the kind of herbs that will help to restore your system. And secondly, other than maybe a couple of ‘em, I’d be shocked if you already have these particular herbs in your home. The reason why I say that is because while they are super-effective, at the same time, they don’t typically come up whenever herbs are mentioned.

Still, if you’re ready to get pamper any thin or balding spots that you may have, adding these herbs to your daily regimen can definitely restore any hair that may be thinning out.

Bitter Apple

Bitter apple is great, thanks to all of the antioxidant, cytotoxic, antidiabetic, antilipidemic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that it contains. It is actually a fruit-bearing herb that is heavily used in Ayurveda medicine. There are studies which support that it can help to prevent cancer, inflammation that’s associated with osteoporosis, and that it even has anti-diabetic effects. The reason why this herb is great at treating hair loss is because it is the type that contains glycosides; those are compounds that have a good reputation for initiating hair growth.

It should go on record that the potency of this herb makes it a little controversial as far as the FDA is concerned. So, if you decide to take it as a supplement, speak with your doctor (and a homeopath”> before doing so.

False Daisy

False daisy may have an odd name, but it’s definitely the kind of herb that should be in a cabinet in everyone’s home. It’s found in Asia and South America and its abilities are amazing. It purifies the liver and kidneys, promotes oral health, reduces stress, relieves pain, treats urinary tract infections, lowers blood sugar levels and strengthens immunity. Hair-wise, this is an herb that is proven to strengthen the hair follicles that you already have while “triggering” the growth of follicles that may have been dormant. False daisy can relief dandruff too.

One way to get this into your system is to consume it as a tea. Probably the best way to take advantage of this particular herb, hair-wise is to apply Bringraj oil (another name for false daisy”> directly onto your hair and scalp.


Fenugreek is a plant that hails from Western Asia and the Mediterranean. It’s something that I take regularly in supplement form because it’s got a reputation for regulating blood sugar levels, soothing skin inflammation and keeping breasts healthy-looking too (if you’re a mom, fenugreek can also help you to create more breastmilk”>. Another bonus of fenugreek is its ability to boost your libido. As far as it being another great herb for your hair, it’s good because it’s high in protein and nicotinic acid. This combo not only relieves dandruff, but can also replenish hair in areas where there are indications of thinning and baldness.

You can take fenugreek as a supplement, make your own hair gel, sprinkle some of the seeds over a salad or even soak the seeds in some water overnight, remove the seeds and then drink the water directly (make sure to thoroughly rinse the seeds first if you decide to go this route”>.

Amla Berry

Amla berry is one of the most powerful sources of Vitamin C that there is. As a direct result, it’s an herb that is loaded with antioxidants that can keep your immune system in great condition. This herb will help to improve calcium absorption, remove unwanted toxins in your system and even fight off free radicals that lead to age spots and wrinkles. It’s a hair favorite because when C is in your system, it helps to produce collagen; when collagen binds to your hair, it makes it stronger, more voluminous—healthier overall.

As far as how to take it, consuming it in powder form (in water, juice or a smoothie”> is (probably”> best.


Rhodiola is a wonderful natural remedy for improving mental health. It relieves stress while helping to reduce symptoms that are related to anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. There are also studies to support that, when taken regularly, it is able to treat a low libido, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and ADHD. Since Rhodiola is so great at combating stress and hair loss can be a result of stress, this is why it’s an herb that made the list.

You can take this as a supplement; however, because it is an herb that has stimulating effects, try and take it in the morning rather than before turning in at night. Or, if you just want to use it for what it can do for your hair, you can purchase a shampoo that has this herb in it.


Jatamansi is another herb that is big in Ayurveda medicine. It’s got the reputation for being “the women’s herb” because it reduces bodily inflammation, improves gut health, contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that keep UTIs at bay, purifies the blood and evens skin tone. Something else that makes Jatamansi extra special is it balances out the production of estrogen and progesterone in your system. Since imbalanced hormones also play a significant role in hair loss, you can see why this herb is recommended. The properties in this herb will not only promote hair growth and reduce premature greying, it also heals alopecia if it was caused by chemotherapy.

You can take this in powder form. As far as your hair goes, you will get the most benefits of Jatamansi if you soak its root in sesame oil (the vitamins B, E, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and protein in the oil is great for overall scalp and hair health”> overnight and then apply it directly to your thin or bald areas three times per week.


Silica is an herb that is responsible for helping to both build and strengthen bones in our body. Silica also keeps the connective tissue in our muscles, joints and even our brain healthy. Some people find it to be one of the best natural remedies for anti-aging because it has a remarkable way of boosting collagen, reducing wrinkles and “tightening up” loose and saggy skin. Silica is also a winner for thinning hair because it provides a mineral that increases blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels so that your hair follicles are able to receive the nutrients that it needs.

Silica can also be taken as a supplement. It’s just one more herb that can get your hair back to being healthy, full and longer while maintaining your overall health in the process.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Share them with us in the comments!

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