Fashion colored hair at BS 2012

Fashion colored hair featuring jewel-toned, bold, bright hues were trending large in hair fashion at this year’s America’s Beauty Show — bold greens, saturated blues, deep purples, florescent yellows, vivid oranges, bright pinks and every non-naturally occurring color on the spectrum.

Almost every single professional color system now carries a line of fashion tones to complement their existing color offerings. Rather than creating a full head of colored hair, we saw fashion tones being used for streaks and highlights as well as standard coloring jobs.

On the Rusk models, we saw platinum blonde bob cuts with just the bottom layer dyed a deep eggplant tone. This season, they’re going for clean color with less highlights, with purple hues creating the illusion of shadow and giving depth to the style.

Color Without Commitment

High contrast platinum blonde and purple locsHigh contrast platinum blonde and purple locs

We too were loving all of the fashion color, but not particularly willing to come home with fuchsia and orange curls. Luckily, we ran into a neat company called ColorMe by Giuliano that offered up an easy and quick way to get fashion tones in a matter of minutes that wash out immediately.

ColorMe offers what is best described as a hair mascara. The multi-colored tubes come with a typical mascara brush that is used to paint the vibrant and saturated color into the hair. On Lori’s looser waves, the brush slid through easily and the demonstrators used a blowdryer to dry and set the color.

In an effort to preserve my more tightly wound coils, the ColorMe stylists used plastic gloves and applied the color more liberally with her fingertips. I was totally surprised by how bright the colors showed up on my dark 4a coils. I will say that I had my reservations about the product being temporary, but true to their promises, the color washed out immediately in the morning, leaving me wanting more in every single shade they have to offer. Check out our fun with fashion tones from the show:

Final Thoughts

Remember that you should seek out a professional when you’re doing color, especially when working with fashion colors that may require the heavy lifting of bleach!