Color treated curls need protection from the elements all year round. However, they need a little more protection during the summer season due to the sun’s drying rays.

Not only can the sun make naturally, curly hair drier, it can fade color, weaken protein in the hair, and deplete the overall appearance of the hair.

UV/Heat Protectant

My blonde curls need a TON of protection from the sun! I do not wear hats during the warmer months, although I should. I will load up though on my favorite UV protectant from Bumble & Bumble to shield my hair from the drying rays of the sun. The Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer from Bumble & Bumble is my go-to summer product because it offers UV protection, keeps hair soft and frizz free, and smells like summer in a bottle. I spray some on before I head out and will even drop it into my bag for a touch up if I plan on being in the sun for more than a couple of hours.

Moisturizing Deep Conditioners

Colored curls need a lot more moisture during the summer months. This is where moisturizing treatments come into play! I tend to wash my hair more in the summer mornings so that I can utilize the heat from the sun when it’s time to deep condition my hair. My favorite deep conditioner for the summer is the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Recovery Hair Mask. I apply my deep conditioner in the shower and clip the hair out of the way, while I run errands and walk my dog. The sun serves as my heat source and allows the moisturizing treatment to really penetrate my strands, keeping them soft and frizz free.

Photo Courtesy of @CurlsfotheGirls

Cute Scarves

A great way to protect your hair during the summer months is to wear head scarves, which serve multiple purposes. They keep your hair protected from the sun, off your neck for optimal coolness, and they make them in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your moods and outfits. Ruby Sampson has a beautiful line of scarfs that come in tons of different patterns and textures.  Just make sure your scarf is silk-lined so it doesn’t dry out the hair, and keeps your hair protected while keeping you on trend.

Color Protecting Products

Color enhancing and protecting products become extremely important during the warmer months because the sun affects color treated curls in various ways. Vivid colors like red become faded and blonde colors become a lot brassier, a lot quicker. Thus, you should use color enhancing products during your washes and see your stylist more frequently to touch up your hair color. This helps to keep your color looking fresh and vibrant rather than dull and lifeless.

I absolutely love rocking my color treated curls during the summer and will do [almost] anything I can to protect my hair. While I opt out of wearing hats during the summer, I make sure I keep stock of the products that keep my hair looking its best and I keep my scarves handy. Some protection is better than nothing at all!

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