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If you are anything like me, life gets busy and the aim is to maximize the use of time as much as possible. Wash day is already long enough for most of us, so why not wash and treat process for one day and go through the color process a few days later. Being able to do everything in one day would certainly simplify things, but is it safe? That is what  NaturallyCurly community member Simplee_dee  wanted to know when she posted this question on our Curly Q&A:


Can I use a Clairol Semi Permanent hair color rinse the same day as issuing ApHogee's Two-Step?



Permanent hair color lasts much longer than a semi-permanent treatment. But more important is the fact that while permanent hair color requires the opening of the hair shaft in order to add color, usually with bleach or ammonia, semi-permanent color does not require the hair shaft to be open and involves only depositing the color on the hair shaft. Read more about semi-permanent hair color here.

So, can you apply semi permanent color after the protein treatment? The answer is yes.

How to use a protein treatment and hair color safely

ApHogee recommends that you use Two-Step Protein Treatment before using a semi-permanent hair color, "Wash hair with ApHogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair, rinse and towel blot dry. Follow general directions for applying ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment. After rinsing, towel dry & apply the depositing tint as usual. Place a plastic cap over your hair and check every 2-1⁄2 minutes. A warm dryer may be used. When the tinting is complete, shampoo thoroughly from hair. Apply ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer to help restore natural moisture balance to your hair. Rinse and proceed with next service or style as usual."

We took our reader's question straight to a Clairol Professional brand representative, who said the Beautiful Collection products are "a traditional semi-permanent color and can be used after any chemical service. For longer-lasting, more vibrant results and enhanced gray blending, cover hair with cap and process under a warm dryer for 10 minutes. Cool 5 minutes and rinse well. Do not shampoo. Heat is not recommended immediately after a relaxer." She also said that the Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection line safely colors natural hair, "keeping delicate hair moisturized with a gentle, ammonia free formula."

If you have gray hair, then give the Advanced Gray Solution a try as it provides "longer-lasting gray coverage than traditional semi-permanent hair color for up to 50% gray blending. Advanced Gray Solution features Advanced O2 technology, meaning the color actually air-oxidizes to penetrate into the cortex to provide better coverage on resistant white hair." Advanced Gray Solution is a great color choice for gray coverage on chemically relaxed hair because it requires no developer or ammonia. Heat is not recommended with Advanced Gray Solution.

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