lipstick for fall hair color

Did you know? The use of lipstick dates all the way back to medieval times... Even when the economy is low, lipstick sales do not reflect it. There is something about a brand new tube of lipstick that just brings us ladies such happiness and excitement. Just like hair color, a lipstick color can transform your whole look. I personally believe that you can wear whatever color lipstick you like, if it makes you feel happy and good about yourself--go for it! However, certain lipstick shades do pair extremely well with certain hair colors. Let’s have a look!

There is something about a brand new tube of lipstick that just brings us ladies such happiness and excitement.

Blonde hair

Blonde hair pairs extremely well with pinks, peaches and sheer berries. All shades of pink work well for blonde hair. Being a blonde myself, pink is my favorite shade of lipstick I do reach for. Sheer berries are nice, especially in the cooler months because you still get the nice berry color but it isn’t too intense of a contrast against the hair color. Blonde hair and red lipstick of course is a classic (Hello Marilyn!) but I say stick with a red that has a cool, blue undertone.

Try: L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche in Miss Magenta ($6 at Walmart)

Brown hair

Vibrant hues like plums, burgundy and reds look striking on brunettes. Don’t be afraid to go for a bolder lipstick color, as your hair color creates the frame for the lip look.

Try: Nyx Matte Lipstick in Siren ($6 at Walgreens)

Black hair

Black hair is very similar to brown, as vibrant hues like plum, burgundy and reds work well paired up against the hair. On the other end of the spectrum, light shades such as bubblegum pink also look pretty against black hair as well.

Try: Rimmel London Moisture Renew in Red Alert ($7 at Ulta)

Red hair

Red hair naturally adds some warmth to your complexion. Apricot shades looks especially nice against red hair without clashing against the hair color. Dewy pinks and peaches also look nice against red hair. Red lipstick also is nice with red hair, but I suggest reaching for one with warmer undertones.

Try: Ulta Lipstick in Sweet Apricot, ($8 at Ulta)

To sum it up

As I mentioned, this is just a basic suggestion. Colored cosmetics such as lipstick is all about having fun! Don’t be afraid to experiment you might fall in love with a lipstick color you never knew you would.

My favorite lipstick color across the board is Je Ne Sais Quoi by It Cosmetics. It is the perfect shade of pink for everyone, and looks clear in the tube but it “morphs” into your own perfect color by mixing with your own personal chemistry. This shade can look completely different on you than it does on me and I find that to be so cool!