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2014-05-05 11:53:19

MoKnowsHair #NaturallyCurlyGuru Tag

MoKnowsHair knows a thing or two about curly versatility.

Introduce yourself!

I am a Kansas City, MO native who loves Mexican food and reality TV. I’m a Scorpio and my favorite color is purple. I am not a licensed stylist, although most people think I am, and I love all things beauty, but hair care and styling is my passion.

How long have you been natural (brief natural hair journey)?

I have had natural hair off and on throughout life because I would relax my hair when I wanted a short cut to lie nice and sleek. Whenever I would start to grow it out, I would forego the relaxers and just let my hair do its thing! My last relaxer was in early 2009. I cut some color out of my hair back in 2008 and went for a short, tapered cut. From there, I allowed my hair to grow naturally. I did a few sew-ins in 2010 as a way to keep myself from cutting it again during the growth phase (I realized my patience level for awkward hair growth phases had decreased since I was a teen, lol). But once I got to shoulder length, I was good to go! I love my natural texture, especially since there are so many awesome products that make it easier to style…in the 90’s there was nothing for “our” hair, so being natural was hard, and I never stuck with it, until now. 

What's your daily hair routine?

I am a morning workout girl, so if I am have a wash-n-go, I will diffuse my roots dry after my workout then add a bit of Chi Deep Brilliance Reflect, or Agadir Argan Oil Treatment, or Trader Joe’s Jojoba Oil to my ends and fluff. I may use a little KeraCare Edge Tamer if I want super sleek, neat edges, but sometimes I just let them be free. If my hair is straight, I dry the roots with my blow dryer, wrap it tight around my head with a silk scarf, get ready, then unwrap my hair and style. That helps get the roots to stretch and blend into the rest of the hair. When I workout I pull my hair up into a pineapple and secure with a silk scarf (regardless of style). I also drink about a gallon of water a day, which I believe helps keep my hair and skin hydrated.

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