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Hair coloring is fun and with the limitless colors to choose from, a curly girl can rock any color. From cotton candy pink to 80’s neon green, the world is your palette and you should have fun picking out your favorite shade. We still have to stay diligent on keeping our hair healthy with permanent hair color. Hair dye is damaging, so it is essential to incorporate a protein treatment to maintain the integrity of your hair. Shaleskia.Li from Curly Q&A  wants to know more about the best way to include protein treatments in her regimen.


I plan to color my hair however I want to do a protein treatment before. When’s the best time?

I’m going to be coloring my hair with the SheaMoisture dye, however, I wanted to do a protein treatment before so it’s at its strongest before applying color. How long before the coloring should I do a protein treatment?


I love SheaMoisture Nourishing, Moisture-Rich Hair Color System and have used it often. We love that it is permanent, ammonia-free, and aims to prevent the dryness you can experience with some other coloring systems. I think you are choosing a great coloring system, but decided to chat with a professional on the best way to use a protein treatment when dyeing your hair. 

Yes, hair should be healthy prior to adding color, but using a protein treatment after is a better option. Hairstylist Vernon Francois, famous for being Lupita Nyong'o's stylist, explains “my recommendation is to color your hair first and then follow with a protein treatment a week or two later. The color will absorb better by your hair if applied before the protein treatment. I would avoid doing both of these things on the same day.” Vernon adds, “I’d also suggest, if you’re covering grey hair, that it’s better to opt for a color that’s a couple of shades darker than the finished look that you want. This is because your color is likely to get a touch lighter after the protein treatment.”

Before considering permanent color, make sure your hair is healthy. This means cleansing and deep conditioning regularly. You want a good foundation. If your hair is excessively dry or breaking off, then you should postpone the color and focus on maintaining the healthy hair that is growing out and trim the damage, because color will only worsen your hair’s current state.

As our hairstylist expert suggests, use the protein treatment a week or two after you apply your color and enjoy your new color. Don’t forget to share a pic here on StyleNook.

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