green armpit hair

It's the new hair color trend.

But I am facepalming as I type this.  I am a writer, I am an advocate for all things hair, but I'm going to lay my honest, unashamedly biased opinion out on the table:
Women dyeing their armpit hair bright colors and showing them off in selfies.

Let that soak in, it's becoming a thing now. I hope this new hair trend doesn't catch on. It needs to go away. Like, yesterday.

Have you seen the Tumblr page dedicated solely to showcasing women who have followed the hairy, bold new fad? Yeah, you know it just got real. Now I almost wish undercuts would make a comeback.

NaturallyCurly world, will you be bleaching and dyeing your armpit hair rainbow colors this winter?

If so, then...

taken meme

But if you really want to express yourself through your armpits, then go ahead and do you boo.