Graffiti hair is a thing now.

If the hobbyist in you has been bored, here's a cure for the summer sads. We first saw this whimsical trend on Buzzfeed created by Pasadena based hair artist Janine Ker.

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Also called Stencil Hair, perhaps the best thing about this color trend is that it doesn't require a long-term commitment; once you become bored with your hair in all its stenciled goodness, a couple shampoos will make it go away forever.

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Do you want a super cute selfie at the next festival that's different from everyone else's? No problem at all. Do you want to bring life to your color without the risk of piling on more damage? The graffiti-stencil trend has got your back. Whether it's the shape of a flower or little triangles, you can practically do what you like.

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Here's what you need to do to get the look:

  • clean and completely dried hair
  • 3 bottles of temporary spray hair colors of your choice Beyond the Zone Color Bombz has a lot of options available at Sally's for $6 each
  • the stencil of your choice from a craft goods store
  • hair spray 


Getting graffiti-styled hair is easier with the help of a friend.

  1. Take the stencil and cardboard paper out of the plastic wrapping and hold them about an inch from your head. The cardboard paper will give you a straight edge for a more precise line--this depends on the design you're going for.
  2. Shake up a can a few times. 
  3. Spray over the stencil and onto the hair, back and forth a few times until the color appears well saturated. 
  4. Let it dry for about a minute, then coat the spray color with a medium-hold hairspray.
Again, this look can be washed out as easily as it is to apply. From zebra stripes to pixelated squares to hearts and stars, the possibilities are endless.

Would you try this?