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Trims remove damaged ends from the hair shaft that are often split. When you fail to trim, your ends become weathered and continue to break. Our hair’s cuticle is weakened from mechanical, thermal, chemical, and environmental damage. If you are hard on your hair with regular coloring or heat, you may need to trim more often. If you are like me, a wash and go queen who colors infrequently, then you may get away with only twice a year. Tangles, knots, and frayed ends are usually signs that it is time for a trim. If you don’t know why trims are absolutely amazing, here are four reasons to schedule your next appointment. 

Trimming helps with length retention

I know many are giving me the side eye as we speak but the best way to retain length is to get regular trims because the oldest and most fragile hairs we have are our ends. The best way to keep them healthy is by proper hair maintenance like cleansing, conditioning, and sealing, but at some point they will become raggedy from styling, the elements, chemical straighteners, or color. Regular trims remove split ends before they can create further damage of the strand. When people often say their hair is not growing, what they are really saying is breakage is offsetting their length retention.

Trims make your hair look better

Smoother, well-kept ends always look better and allow for smoother styles and properly sealed or protected hair. Your styles hold better and look amazing as raggedy ends do not style well at all. They give your hair a bad performance and most often we do not notice how much better our hair acts and looks until we get the trim. Split ends may be visible only on straighter hair, but how they act can be seen just as well on curly, wavy, and coily hair.

Trims create less tangles and knots

Isn’t life better when you have less knots in your hair? The sun shines brighter, the flowers smell sweeter, and your detangling sessions are shorter because trims remove those stubborn raggedy ends. You cannot fix split ends although temporary solutions like split end menders, strong protein treatments, and heavy sealants can help.

Trim can reshape and redefine your hair

While trims are a healthy part of hair care, they are also a necessary component of the shape of our haircut, especially if you have layers. Many curlies have problem areas that require a shape from time to time to ensure they get the fullness and height where they need it. A trim will keep that shape in full force and without harming your length. Whether you trim your own hair or go to a stylist, they are still  absolutely necessary, and how often is the real question. Allow your hair and how it responds to washing, styling, and chemical treatments to dictate how often you should receive a trim.

Do you like trims? What are signs that you need a trim?