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I want to go short, but I haven’t worn my 3a curls short in a long time. What should I keep in mind?


Every year, just after we spring forward, I notice that many of our clients want a change of style. It seems as if spring awakens the desire for a new look. So keeping this in mind, I assembled a curl cut rejuvenation meeting where my stylists and I discuss and provide answers to the one question we hear just after the Spring Equinox, “I want to go shorter what do I need to consider?”

1. First let’s discover why you want to go shorter?

Are you holding onto length that is hindering your healthy hair journey such as damaged hair, or transitioning hair? Did you see a cut on another person that you think will look “curltastik” on you? Is it a spiritual change where you want to give your curls a new beginning with style and shape? Or have you had your longer layered cut long enough and you finally want something sassy and bold???

2. Next we must figure out what is short to you.

Everyone’s version of short is different, thus the need for a consultation is imperative when making a curl change. However the consultation is worthless if you and your stylist aren’t communicating. Which means you must express your fears and curl cut desires. Short and curly will always be a slave to shrinkage. Regardless of what curl pattern you are blessed with, the shrinkage is real. Your idea of short and your curls spring factor will set the boundaries for the length of your new

curl by curl cut. Make sure you are getting your cut on dry curly hair. Refer to the Naturally Curly stylist finder to read reviews.

3. Short haircuts can affect your curls’ appearance.

All curls regardless of texture, density, or pattern will go straight or stick straight out in certain short haircuts. Do you want your curls to appear tighter, or have more bounce and volume? I know many think this is where a great maintenance product comes into play. However, a great product will only narrate your curl story, it cannot completely change the structure of your curl pattern. We use the term #RockYourBlessing at Southern Curl, it simply means love the curls you have. If you have tight curls, rock them. If you have S’wavy curls…. embrace them and love them. A proper short cut can enhance any curl pattern.

4. Short curl-cut inspiration.

If you have 4c hair and you are looking at a cut on a 2b model your cut will not look exactly like that model’s hair. Therefore, it is important to look at curl inspiration photos that resemble your same curl pattern or use certain curl inspiration photos for desired length purposes only. Although hair has no bounds, your desired new look is bound by cutting laws such as density, pattern and structure or foundation of the cut i.e. the facial shape.

Your facial shape plays the most important role in the perfect short curl-cut for you! Regardless of your curl artist’s boundless creativity and mastery of curly hair, your new curl cut will never look exactly like the model in the picture. Your lips, nose, eyes, cheekbones, forehead, chin, and yes ears determine the shape of your cut and how your curl-cut will look on YOU.. It is the guideline for where you should see symmetrical or asymmetrical lines. It is the one factor that makes every curl cut unique.

5. Lifestyle and confidence level.

Lastly going shorter can ignite your confidence level or completely squash the confidence fire. So being prepared for the curl change is imperative to your livelihood. Although the curl artist is the creative expert, if you aren’t ready to embrace your new curl cut look it will erode your ability to thrive vibrantly in your social and working circles. All of us can relate to the lifelong scars of a bad haircut or remember the cut that was curl-fabulous but pulled a little to hard on the hair budget. Thus it is important to be mentally and financially prepared for your new curl-cut.

You can achieve this by mimicking shorter looks with updos or ponytails. asking your curl artist about the maintenance your new curl-cut will incur, and most importantly ask about the grow out stages and how to avoid the ugly stage during the grow-out period.

When you break it all down your new look will require your own due diligence in conjunction with the advice, understanding, and artistry of a curl specialist.

Do you have any questions that you need answered by a stylist? Leave them below in the comments!

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