We know the horrors of a bad curly cut, and so many of our readers ask for haircut advice daily. So when NaturallyCurly contributor Claire Aviles was in need of a trim, she documented her experience for us to see her transformation.

What is a Deva Cut?

The Deva Cutting technique is a technique used by the Devachan Salon for cutting curly hair. Curly hair is cut in its natural form: dry, not wet. Each curl is individually shaped and the style is based on the individual. You even get a personal curl care lesson before you go!

Update* Following the original publishing of this article I received a lot of questions about where people can get a DevaCut. You don’t have to live in NYC to get a Deva Cut. “Deva Inspired Stylists” work all over the country. You can find one near you by checking out this link and entering your zip code. You can also enter your zip code in NaturallyCurly’s Salon Finder to read reviews by NaturallyCurly community members of curl stylists as well. I would definitely encourage you to try a Deva Cut! I had an amazing experience.

You can see more images of Deva Cut hair transformations here.

Deva Cut at Devachan Salon

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