The “bob” hairstyle — it’s a trend that just never goes out of style. It’s a classic and has been around for more than a century. But a curly classic? You bet! Curly bobs can work for any curl or wave type. It’s a truly universal style.

Prepare Yourself for the Cut

If you’ve been wanting to try a wavy or curly bob, go for it! But first, arm yourself with some good info, a few visuals and the right stylist. If you’ve had longer locks for a while, or never gone “too” short, be prepared to lose a few inches and gain a whole new look. You may even discover that your hair reacts differently with a brand new cut. Your curls may take on better definition. Your waves may become thicker and even more shiny. Best of all, bob hairstyles are in year-round too.

Talk with Your Stylist

Once you have an idea of what you would like to see, bring it your stylist (one who knows texture, curls and good styling skills”> and discuss the cut.

Remember to keep longer layers when going for this style since shorter layers can make curly bobs difficult to maintain for the first few days or week. Some type 2 and 3 curls and waves can even wear bangs with their bobs. Again, be sure to have visuals of what you are looking for and discuss the “reality” of having bangs with your stylist first.


Once your bob is cut, be sure to maintain the cut by visiting your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks to keep that length. If you want to go longer, allow the bob to grow out a bit , then return to your stylist and be sure to discuss lengths.

At home, though, you will need to follow a few styling steps for the perfect curly bob.

  1. Use a good leave-in. Apply the leave-in on damp hair for type 2 and type 3, and to soaking wet hair for type 4.
  2. Apply products in layers, gently, by smoothing them onto sections and keeping hair damp to wet (see above”>. If your hair gets dry as you style, keep a water bottle near by so you can wet a section again as you work.
  3. Your fingers are a styling tool! Apply your favorite product to your curls, waves or kinks and finger twist sections to create better curl or wave pattern. After you’re done styling, there’s no need to touch your locks any more. Let them air dry or use a diffuser.

A well cut and styled bob makes for great second day hair. Simply use a water bottle to mist curls the next day and finger style again. You won’t need to saturate your locks, an easy misting will suffice. The water will trigger the products applied to your hair to start working all over again.


Curly bob styles can be done casually or dressed up by simply adding a pretty rhinestone bobby pin to the side. Headbands also work great with bobs and show off your locks (and look”> very well.

Want More?

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Final Thoughts

If this is your first bob style, be patient. It may take some time to grow into and get used to, but once you do, you’ll find a world of new looks and curls or waves that you may have never know before!



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