Emma Stone with a cropped pixie cut.

To big chop or not? It’s a question many ladies ask themselves when considering going natural. After that question come questions and comments from your friends, family and even strangers: Why did she do that? Is she gay? Is she trying to be a boy?

Believe me, it can be a cruel world out there. Most people don’t understand the psychological effects on a woman when she drastically cuts her hair, whether by choice, for health reasons or otherwise.

The questioning of your sexuality is often the first thing that comes up for discussion. But does a short curly haircut define your sexuality?

The Case of Emma Watson

Recently, actress Emma Watson spoke out about how she was addressed in the media after she debuted her new sleek, cropped haircut. The world watched the beautiful young star grow up on screen as Hermoine in the “Harry Potter” saga. In 2010, as the series came to an end, Emma shed her “Harry Potter” image and went for a drastic pixie cut that thrust her into the fashion forefront.

She told Entertainment Weekly that she “wanted to do this since I was about 16,” and that the cut was “the most liberating thing!”

Just recently Emma revealed to The Independent that initial reactions weren’t the most positive. She discussed how “journalists were asking me if this meant I was coming out, if I was a lesbian.”

Although this was a personal decision for her, the media found a way to insert themselves and make even a super star question her own style choices.

The Not So Opened Minded Beginnings

Ellen Degeneres on stage.Ellen Degeneres

So how did society come to associate a short hairstyle with lesbianism? In the 1920s, English author Radclyffe Hall described a particular “uniform” appearance of the lesbian woman, featuring cropped haircuts and pantsuits. The short haircut was associated with a woman seeking a more masculine appearance. This  stereotype of a lesbian hairstyle is not confined to a particular racial group, but crosses many nationalities.

Probably one of the most famous visuals of this appearance is TV personality Ellen DeGeneres. In addition to being an advocate of gay rights, comedienne Wanda Sykes also rocks a gorgeous mane of cropped, naturally curly hair.

And As for Myself

Personally, I love the short-cropped cut. As Emma described, it really does something to liberate a woman from the standard of what society deems beautiful. It’s sad that people will often cast an opinion on or provide reasoning for the personal decision that you’ve made.

A short cut doesn’t mean you’re gay. It doesn’t mean you’re crazy. It doesn’t mean you’re trying to be a boy. How a person wears his or her hair is not indicative of a certain lifestyle. No one is defined by his or her hair, and we know that best here at the NaturallyCurly community.

The best thing we can do as women is to be as confident in ourselves and not let the ignorance of society influence how we choose to look and feel. So go ahead and crop your long manes and big chop your relaxed hair. TWAs are sexy no one can resist a pixie!

No matter who you are, your hair is simply an expression of your style and never an expression of who you are as person.

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