Long hair is beautiful, we all know that. It doesn’t matter if your hair is super curly or stick straight, we love long hair. The problem, though, is that when you have curly hair, hairdressers can tend towards the scissor happy side. Although short curly hair is funky and cool, long, curly hairstyles have their place (especially amongst us length-obsessed gals!”>. With some upkeep, the right style, and a knowledgeable hairdresser, you too could have long, curly hair.

Tell Her to Put the Scissors Down

A bad hairdresser never listens, but a good hairdresser listens and compromises. If you’re just starting out on your long hair journey, you might hear something you don’t like.

Hairdressers are here to work with you, not just on you, but your hair may need some coaxing before taking the plunge. If your stylist suggests chopping off a few inches before beginning the journey, don’t fret over your long, curly hair! They are probably doing it to give your hair the healthy start it needs.

That being said, the best way to get what you want is by talking to your hairdresser. Asking for a trim and explaining that you have a goal to keep your hair as long as possible is a great way to open up communications. If the stylist believes they can’t do it with your hair, you can always ask for a second opinion. But by being open and honest, you’ll probably find that your hairdresser will keep their scissors at bay and away from your gorgeous, long, curly hair, at least for now.

The Upkeep

Long, curly hairstyles take a lot of upkeep. Long curls are more easily knotted, and if you’re adding any heat elements such as straighteners or hair dryers, your hair will look more noticeably damaged since there’s more of it to see. To avoid split ends, damaged and fried hair, and even to keep your hairdresser from cutting off all of your progress to start anew, there are a few upkeep tips at your disposal.

Never brush long curly hair. It may look like it’s doing the job, but if you have type 3 and type 4 hair, you’ll actually tear through your hair causing more split ends and damage. The best brush you can use for longer hair is your fingers along with a wide-tooth comb. This will keep tearing to a minimal and leave your hair looking and feeling smoother.

Conditioning is also super important for keeping your hair healthy and happy, which means less trips to the salon and thus less haircuts. Conditioner keeps the moisture in so it doesn’t dry out, and for long, curly hair, that’s a big plus. Conditioning in the shower is a great start, but using leave-in conditioners as well as using deep conditioning and hot oil treatments every couple of weeks to at least once a month will most likely give your hair the desired look.

The Lifestyle

Short hair isn’t for everybody and the same goes for long hair. It’s not just about fighting with your hairdresser about the length. You have to be comfortable with the length, and depending on your lifestyle, it can be more hassle than it’s worth. The more active the lifestyle, the more difficult it will be to maintain long, curly hair. If you’re into sports such as swimming, for instance, long hair can get in the way. There are people who are fine with long hair underneath their swim cap, but other’s find it a terrible nuisance. On the other hand, if you model in your free time or spend your days behind a desk, longer hair is much easier to manage.

It’s not just your lifestyle, but the style of your hair, as well. Curly hair that’s shoulder length or below can become increasingly difficult to manage and shape into a specific style. If your hairstylist isn’t used to cutting long curly hair, the style can resemble the shape of a triangle or box. Proper layering and continued maintenance are integral to the lifestyle of longer-haired curlies. Otherwise your curly hair will take on a new chaos of its own.

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Final Thoughts

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