Lady with big, curly, red hair looking straight ahead and serious

My hair has too much volume!

Dear Ouidad: I really need your help. My hair is a 3b and 3c hair and is slightly above my waist in length. My hair has so much volume when I style it and sometimes I love having huge hair, but most of the time I want my hair to be more calm. I mostly use Mixed Chicks or Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and those products are good in defining my curls, but not calming them down completely. I have tried everything, including heavy gels with my curl enhancer, and nothing has calmed my hair down. What would you suggest?

A: I would encourage you to visit one of my Ouidad Flagship Salons in New York and Santa Monica or Ouidad Certified Salons. They are highly trained in my Carving and Slicing technique. It is less about taking off length and more about removing the bulk of your curls so they easily lie into one another, making them easier to manage. You can also try using Climate Control Shampoo and Conditioner to remove frizz that may be involved in making your hair “huge”.

Dear Ouidad: I am at my wits end with my hair! It has always been difficult, but more so since having my baby. The front pieces are very kinky and curly and don’t grow very long (and it looks as though I am growing new hair, so I now have a crown of short frizz along my hair line”>. Underneath the tight curls by my ears, the hair is completely straight, and in the back ,it is flat on the top and bigger curls as it gets to the length. I just want a hair style that I can manage and have it look the same every day. I am willing to try some chemicals that are reasonable in price, but realistically, I am not a high maintenance person, so I will not be going to the salon every month. I am debating having it cut A-Line and straightening it, but again, I don’t like to do hair or makeup, so I’m afraid that I would be making a mistake assuming that I will do that every day. Right now my hair is shoulder length, and I usually bobby pin the “bangs” back.

I am out of hair spray and moose so I am open to suggestions on that, but I recently bought Biolage shampoo and conditioner and gel for curly hair — not that impressed.

Do you have a recommendation on a haircut? Do you have a recommendation for a stylist in my area? I live in Santa Rosa California, zip code 95404.

A: After having a baby, it’s very normal for women to experience changes in their hair because of the change in estrogen levels that your physique is experiencing. However, I absolutely love curls and never suggest any chemical treatments that could further damage the hair. You can start repairing your locks by using my 12-Minute Deep Treatment once a week until you feel it’s no longer necessary and continue to use it at least once a month after that.

Secondly, it’s very important to have the right haircut, so you can achieve the low maintenance curls that you want. If you are able to, I suggest going to one of my Ouidad Flagship Salons or a Ouidad Certified Salon. All Ouidad Stylists have been trained in my technique called Carving and Slicing. This technique is designed specifically to address the special needs of curly hair — to remove the bulk associated with the dreaded “pyramid” look, while preserving and enhancing your natural curl pattern.

Lastly, I suggest using my moisturizing Curl Quencher Shampoo, Conditioner and Gel for your everyday products to help with the dryness and frizz you are experiencing.

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