As curlies, we’re always trying to find the best way to keep our tresses looking their very best. Part of this usually involves regular trims, haircuts and new styles. These days, straighties have many options for trimming their hair, such as having a blunt cut, razors and the twist-cut method, which involves twisting the hair in order to get an angled haircut. But is this method that works so well on straight hair really something we curlies should pursue?

The Technique

Twist-cutting is a great way for a stylist to do an angled haircut, such as for bangs or an inverted bob. To do a twist-cut, a stylist will gather a section of the hair that she will twist then cut. The trick is to twist with the hair in one hand and then take over halfway through with the opposite hand, freeing up the dominant hand for cutting. She can then cut straight across — at a predetermined length — but the result will be two angled sections of hair that are even. Alternatively, some stylists twist the hair and then run the blade up and down the twist, similar to using a razor.

The Appeal

From a stylists’ point of view, the twist-cut is effective and fast. Rather than cutting one section of the hair at an angle and then trying to match up the other side just right, the twist-cut allows a stylist to cut just once and obtain the same results. For clients, the twist-cut takes up less time and keeps them moving, rather than tying them to a salon chair for an unnecessary amount of time.

Curly Considerations

When you want your curls trimmed or styled, you’ll definitely want to see someone who really knows how to work with curly hair. After all, curly hair has so many different variations, from type and porosity to shrinkage levels and curl definition. For instance, while using a razor results in a natural looking (read: not blunt and choppy) trim on straight hair, it can actually break apart our curls and damage the hair shaft. On the other hand, some curlies say that using the razor can work wonders if you’re trying to thin out your hair.

The same is true of the twist-cut method. It’s a great choice for straighties, but curlies might need to think twice about it. For one thing, cutting our curls at an angle may result in “pyramid head.” As a result, our hair can look frizzy even when it isn’t and we might even look a little top-heavy in the hair.

Have you considered having a twist-cut done to your curls? Better yet, were you brave enough to have it done? If so, what were your results?