Viola Davis

Although it may seem like long ago, it was only earlier this year that the beautiful and talented actress Viola Davis took the 84th Oscar Academy Awards by storm with her thoughtful and deliberate choice to wear her natural hair. At that time, she was getting major attention for her role in the controversial, yet publicly-lauded film, "The Help" and felt that it was important for her to showcase her real self and her real look by ditching the long, straight look and embracing her self-proclaimed "very curly hair."

Still, months later, Davis’ red carpet fashion feat is garnering even more media attention and adding to the gaining momentum of the ever-evolving conversation about not only naturally kinky, curly, thick hair, but more specifically, black hair. Recently, she was able to elaborate a little bit more on what it means to be an African American woman in the spotlight in an industry that somehow finds it not only necessary, but appropriate to comment on how she chooses to wear her hair offscreen.

In an appearance on the nationally syndicated talk show "Anderson Live" with co-stars from the film "Won’t Back Down," Davis explained that getting rid of the wig was a step towards embracing herself fully. She also acknowledged the complicated and loaded issue of black hair. She also confessed that she still occasionally wears wigs, but stressed that she was done hiding her naturally curly hair for good!

With more and more women daring to take the reigns when it comes to their looks, Davis’ candid and outspoken honesty about her hair adds yet another perspective to the growing list of stars and celebrities going natural while in the spotlight.

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What do you think of the continued attention towards Viola Davis’ choice to go natural? Is it an issue worthy of discussion? Why? Why not?