Many curlies have learned that many professional hairstylists do not have or exercise the proper education on cutting curly hair. Unfortunately, many curlies would rather live with damaged ends than get a haircut from a professional that doesn’t have a clue how to cut curly hair. It’s a daunting task to find someone who will not make you resemble a poodle or give you lopsided hair, so more often than not curlies will take on the chore of doing their own haircuts, and especially their own trims.  

There are tons of YouTube videos and blog posts on trimming your own hair but honestly, it’s not for everybody. There are times when seeking out a professional may be the way to go and with the natural hair movement being as strong as it is, there are more curly hairstylists who can actually cut our hair! You can find your nearest curly friendly salon at Curl Salons.

Reasons You Need a Professional Trim

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