Have you ever knew or dated a guy with a Napoleon complex? You know, the "under 5'7" type that walks around like he's the "Biggest Boss That You've Seen Thus Far." Petite yet powerful, such a man is quite a paradox. Now the female "Napoleona complex" is constructed by styling a fierce short curly hair cut that has a similar effect. Although you're taking inches off the hair, you're adding a grand allure of power in so many ways. But there are rules to joining this branch of the hair slay royal court. Here are the top tips to know before getting a curly pixie haircut:

Burgundy Haircut

Set Realistic Expectations

Whereas long hair means more styling time on your own in the morning, and less frequent salon visits – short hairstyles require less styling time in the morning, but more frequent salon visits to keep the style on point. Short hairstyles are phenomenal because they give you a defined hair look when you wake up. Your curls and texture easily fall into place, but it will require more salon appointments to maintain the trim and shape. Keep in mind your haircut has no permanency because it's continuously growing, so it will definitely have to be maintained to sustain the slay factor. You choose the cut for the daily convenience, but the trade-off is you will have a lot more salon visits.

Blonde Tapered Cut

Customize The Oval Shape

Many women fell in love with the short cut after seeing Halle Berry beautifully trademark her pixie cut for years. The magic to her cut is that it was customized to her face shape, which is an oval. One of the hidden goals in short haircuts is determining how to create a variation of the oval face shape in regards to you. Some of us have more of a heart, square, round, or rectangular face shape – and yet we all represent various arrays of beauty. Nevertheless, the goal when I work on pixie cuts is to create the effect of an oval face shape with a short cut. Sometimes cuts on a non-oval face shape that are shaved, cut too hard, or too defined don't equate to the softness, fullness, and body of a banging short cut.

Style to Your Texture & Fullness

Today's short cut styles are now really free form and not so fixated, so one's texture and degree of fullness can be styled to give the cut "hella edge!" The short pixie is a great style for women with full hair because when you put a curl or a bump to the hair, it sticks and does not fall out. Being able wake up with an already-chic style to add a little wax on with sheen before heading right out the door, is a luxury benefit for women with thick hair. However, the downside to really thick hair is that it tends to grow out faster, requiring more trims.

Tapered Cut Back Shot

The Short Cut Quick Weave Trick

Many celebrities we see with really dope curly short cuts make use of textured hair extensions. At Salon PK we use our own extensions on short cut styles quite often. For some women who aren't really ready to take that dive with a full-fledge cut, this is an option to try out the look for a short period. I don't recommend short cut quick weaves for more than 2-3 weeks, and I think any cut with your natural hair is going to look better. However, the short cut quick weave gives you an idea of how you might look and feel with a new short cut - that may be the solution you need for a busy lifestyle and desire for change.

Short Haircut

Take A Risk

Going with a short curly cut reflects that you're willing to take a risk, which has its own power of seduction. The carefree flow and "tousle-ness" of a textured short cut gives off the energy waves of sophistication and youthfulness.

Napoleon is best known for being a fearless emperor and military general that conquered most of Europe during the early 19th century. With the right determinations for your hair, you too can tap into your own "Napoleona" empress qualities, through a fearless short curly cut that allows you to conquer new hair slay dimensions!

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