The holiday party season is the perfect opportunity to wear that dress you never get to wear and try a bold new makeup look or hairstyle. For so many women the latter means reaching for a flat iron or a curling wand, but when you have natural curls that is not necessary! There are plenty of ways to rock your curls that don't require heat tools or a salon appointment. Here are three gorgeous curly hairstyles to wear to your next holiday party. Depending on what you're wearing, you can also add in accessories to each style - or skip the accessories to wear these looks all year long. 

Cristina has Type 2c waves and a braid is as advanced as her hair styling skills get, so for her style she created a simple braided updo that is way easier than it looks. Nikki has Type 3c curls and she mostly wears her hair in a wash and go, so to change things up she went with a twisted bun and accessorized with a ribbon. Kami has Type 3b coils and her glossy knot out would look fabulous for any occasion, and a flower makes the whole look more festive.

Easier Than It Looks Updo

  1. If you’re starting with dry hair, refresh your curls with Hair Milk Refresher Spray. If your hair is cleansed & damp, apply Hair Milk 4-In-1 Combing Crème to prep your hair for styling.
  2. Create a single loose French braid and secure with an elastic.
  3. Fold the French braid up to create a flat bun and secure with bobby pins.
  4. Add accessories such as a flower or crystal hair pins.

Twisted Bun

  1. Start with freshly cleansed hair and then prep it for smooth & frizz-free styling by applying the Sacred Tiare 4-In-1 Combing Crème. Be sure to fully dry hair afterwards.
  2. Divide hair into two pigtails and create 4 two-strand twists.
  3. Smooth hair in place with the Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother
  4. Take each twist and wrap it around the opposite pigtail, pinning into place. Repeat until every twist is pinned.
  5. Optional: You can accessorize by adding a ribbon into the twists

Glossy Knot Out

  1. Pre-poo with warm Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Pure Hair Oil. Massage it into your hair, twisting and sectioning off the hair. Put on a plastic cap or sit under a hooded dryer for 15-30 minutes.
  2. Rinse out the hot oil treatment and cleanse and condition.
  3. Deep condition with the Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Hair Smoothie. Apply to each of the sections, re-clip the sections and then cover with a shower cap and a thermal cap for additional conditioning.
  4. Once the deep conditioning is done, massage the Black Vanilla 4-In-1 Combing Crème throughout the hair, sectioning the hair again but this time with clips to give it the stretch it needs. Then sit under the dryer for another 20 minutes.
  5. Once dry, apply a dime size amount of the Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Styling Butter to each section. For each section, brush the hair to smooth the product evenly throughout and then twist into a Bantu knot.
  6. Sit under a dryer until completely dry, or sleep with the Bantu knots to ensure that full drying of the hair occurs.
  7. Coat your fingers with the Black Vanilla Pure Hair Oil to keep frizzing under control as you uncoil the Bantu knots.

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