Fall is when the temperatures drop and the wind kicks up. Where I live, this is also the time when the rain starts, so it is a good time to start wearing updos because going out in wet hair in cold weather is a natural hair no-no. These styles are also great for when you want to look cute, but do not have the energy for intricate styling. When it is cool and gloomy outside, you do not always feel very motivated to do a lot to your hair but these styles have you covered. Here are three easy updo styles that I like to do in the fall season.

Modified low side bun

This updo is a twist on a low ponytail. To achieve this look, start by parting your hair on the side. Next, leave a large amount of bang out and start flat twisting your hair all the way down starting from the opposite side of the part. Secure this flat twist with the remainder of your hair to form a low side ponytail, leaving out the bang. Lastly, loop your ponytail into a folded bun. This style works well with old wash and go’s or other styles you are not ready to refresh without looking like you just threw it together, even though you did.

Twisted bun

This is the most time-consuming of the three updos, but it lasts the longest and is the most versatile. Place your hair in multiple twists that are able to be positioned into a ponytail later on; I like to twist in more of a backwards direction so they look good when I place them up in a bun. The size is up to you but smaller works better for me with this style. Also, I like to do these twists with a firm hold since they will be handled more than normal twists, being put up into a bun and all. Doing these twists with a firm hold ensures that they stay frizz-free for as long as possible. Next, air-dry. Once completely dry and set, fashion your twists up into a high bun. This protective style will last at least a week and is perfect for when the weather is not so good and you want your hair fully protected.

Braided side bun

This is one of my favorite updo styles. I also like to start this style on freshly conditioned hair that is not dripping wet. This allows it to set smoothly without leaving my clothes wet for the next few hours. The first step is to do a side part and sleek down your hair with the gel of your choice. Next, braid the front section down until you get to your ear. Then, take the remainder of the hair and place it in a low side bun on the opposite side of your part, smoothing down as you do so. You can also wear this style for more than a day. For overnight care, you probably want to take the bun out so you can sleep comfortably and then re-bun the next morning.